A Miscellaneous Sunday

I’m still getting followed by a great number of “make money” blogs. If anyone from those blogs actually reads this, my blog is NOT a business, I won’t be making any money off it, and I am NOT interested in your products.

Thank you.

It is strange and unsettling to wake up and remember that the Federal Capitol building was attacked by an armed insurrection.

When I was a kid, I was told that I should be grateful that I live in America, a country where things like this “don’t happen,” according to the people who told me these things.

It was adults, exclusively, telling me this. They’d say that “only Third World countries suffer things like government overthrows.” They failed to mention that, in most cases, we are the ones who overthrow their governments.

I don’t like the phrase “Third World,” by the way. It feels very Cold War.

At the same time, I cannot in good conscience classify America as a Modern Industrialized Nation. We are at the bottom of many lists. Health care in America is for the wealthy, and is a privilege instead of a human right.

The “wealthiest country in the world” allows people to lose everything and become homeless if they commit the crime of being sick, getting fired, or making a mistake.

Safety nets are almost non-existent, when compared to Modern Industrialized Nations.

And our form of Capitalism is now “Late Stage Capitalism,” which involves a great deal of Socialism for those in charge, and harsh reality for those of us below.

A great example can be experienced if you go to gamble in Las Vegas. You can gamble on and on. But if you end up winning a big amount, the government takes a big chunk of it.

Now, if you’re gambling and run out of money, you cannot call the US Government and ask them to give you a bit more because we’re about to win it.

You take ALL of the risk, and only get SOME of the reward.

In Wall Street, when they take a big risk and win, they keep ALL of the profits. But when THEY lose, they get a bail-out from us.

That’s just one facet of our shit situation.

To be clear, I use my First Amendment right to free speech to criticize America, not because I hate the country. Rather, it’s because it’s my home, and because I want it to be made better.

There is nothing honest or productive about getting on one’s knees and bowing while giving 100% praise all the time. America has the capacity to rise to the challenge. We’re just not there, and at this point I’m not certain if we’ll survive to get the opportunity to improve.

Where we stand now, the likelihood of horrific events happening [on top of the ones already in progress] has increased dramatically. It generates a special kind of fear that sits in your stomach and feels like you haven’t eaten in days.

It’s truly terrifying and depressing.

When the pandemic first started, some kids at the park decided to use sidewalk chalk to write inspirational messages on the pavement. Something tells me that these kids should spend less time in the park and more time in school.

Are you a real person who reads this? If so, then please consider leaving a comment. I’d much appreciate it.

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      1. Let it flow through, and eventually the level of bugification will diminish. I used to come across errors such as this on a regular basis back when I was teaching. It became such a headache that I decided NOT to teach contractions to certain classes. So it was “I am” in full instead of “I am,” “cannot” instead of ” can’t;” and so on.

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