Life, Time, and Other Illusions

Life is an illusion caused by death.

To understand this concept, first you must work to imagine a world where everyone and everything has always been and always will be. It’s a world where people never die.

Would anyone talk about being alive? Would anyone even be concerned with that illusion? I’d think that most people would not even give that consideration at all.

Effectively, the concept of life, or of being alive, would not exist.

Money is a mutually-agreed-upon delusion. This mutual agreement must exist on a massive scale in order for it to work.

The only reason a dollar is worth a dollar is that everyone agrees that it is worth that. Imagine the chaos if the grocery store did not agree, and instead held the belief that your dollar was worth only 25 cents.

Yes, the value of the dollar fluctuates, and this fluctuation is typically based on human feelings. That’s not a reliable scaffold upon which to place much of anything.

Imagine two people, trapped in a pandemic, with no way to get out. There is a government collapse, and the dollar becomes worthless.

One person has $100,000, and another has enough food to last for about one month. Which one will survive longer?

The value of money is not within the money itself, but rather can be found in the items one would purchase with this money.

The person with the $100,000 can offer that money in exchange for the other person’s food. But in this situation, it will not happen.

A photon is a tiny particle that comprises waves of electromagnetic radiation. Light photons are created by sources of energy in the sun.

These photons bounce around, trying to find their way out. On top of the constant bouncing around, they also have to contend with the extreme gravitational pull of the sun.

The gravity of the sun is strong enough to bend time. This is why the core of the sun is 39,000 years younger than the outer area. By comparison, the core of the Earth is about 3.5 years younger than the outer crust.

The light photon eventually escapes the gravity of the sun after roughly 100,000 years.

Once the photon has taken flight, at the speed of light, it can travel for up to 25 quadrillion years before it finally dies.

But the most interesting thing of all is that photons do not experience time. This means that, so far as the photon is concerned, the 100,000 years spent escaping the sun and the 25 quadrillion years it spends traveling all happens at once. Instantly.

I do not exist.

The thing that I call “me” is a construct in the brain. This construct is built when others observe “me.” Their observation is based on limited exposure, and this observation is contorted by their own personal bias.

They deliver this observation back to “me,” and the biases and other contortions that exist in this brain twist their twisted perception even further.

This manufactured mess becomes my self-perception. This becomes “me.”

As a being acquires life experience, this self-perception is fed a steady diet of bullshit from other beings.

Finally, what if all of our problems magically went away? What would happen? It may seem like a crazy notion to suspect that all of our problems could be solved.

Americans throw away enough food to feed the world every year. America has enough money and resources to solve poverty, and yet it is encouraged. America has the money to pay workers a dignified adult living wage, but they do not.

Why not?

American Capitalism [Crony Capitalism] relies heavily on people being afraid and desperate, to the point that they will take anything for work, with minimal pay. This helps the wealthy become even more wealthy. See the above segment about money.

Our health care system and insurance systems rely heavily on YOU getting sick. They need for you to be sick, and often, if they expect to turn big profits.

Our legal system relies on you to break the law, however big or small. Best case, you get a speeding ticket at the end of the month, even though you were not speeding. Worst case, you are arrested and thrown into a for-profit prison, where you are used as slave labor, as is supported in Amendment XIII of the United States Constitution.

Indeed, Capitalism forces everyone to do horrific things, sometimes to each other. So many problems could be solved, but they will not be solved because it simply is not profitable.

But what would happen if someone was able to solve all of our problems? The video below reveals the most likely outcome.

What would happen if all of your problems were solved, and things like “broken” and “death” were no longer an issue?

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments. I really appreciate it.

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