My Take: Impeachment Acquittal

NOTE: I am not writing this with the idea that I want to debate anyone. This is my personal story, and I’m going to tell it. If my story upsets you, then do not write to me. It would be time better spent if you instead looked inward to figure out why a complete stranger’s opinions and positions upset you so much.

I don’t like talking about politics all that much. However, a close friend and reader of my writings asked for my take on the recent acquittal of ex-government employee Trump.

Before I dive into that, I’d like to give my readers a bit of my political history, because simply giving you a blunt opinion doesn’t seem very informative. Context matters.

I’ll be going through my personal political history, my history of knowledge and thoughts on Trump, and will then give you my thoughts on the impeachment acquittal.

Grandma E: A lifetime of inspiration.

My introduction to politics came in the fall of 1976. My grandmother was involved in Indiana’s Women’s Democrats for 30 years. In late 1976, I went with her to an event where they were going to meet with none other than Rosalynn Carter.

I got to meet her. She autographed a cocktail napkin for me, which I have unfortunately misplaced over the years, along with another piece of history.

I have to admit that I had a bit of a crush on Mrs. Carter, even though I was only on the edge of turning 12 years old. I asked her for a kiss on my cheek, but turned my head at the last minute, kissing the future first lady on the lips.

Shortly after this, I would receive a package in the mail from Mrs. Carter, and in that package was an invitation to Jimmy Carter’s inauguration. I couldn’t attend, but the thought that she put into the package was wonderful.

February 3, 1978: Pictured in the Indiana Senate with Senator Tom Teague and my younger brother, Todd.

14 months later, on February 3, 1978, my younger brother and I would serve as a Pages in the Indiana Senate, sponsored by Senator Tom Teague [D] of Indiana.

I remember the day so vividly. The building itself was massively huge and had the personality of cold stone.

I was very uncomfortable in my suit. My stiff dress shoes caused blisters on my feet. And at the point when this photo was taken, I had given up on trying to keep my clip-on tie straightened.

As a Page, my job is to go from one office to another, shuffling papers and envelopes.

Basically, I was a kid who had no idea what he was doing. I hated that I was constantly awaiting further instruction from someone. Really, I felt useless and in the way, and I’m sure that feeling would have changed, if only I’d had some experience, knew what I was doing, and could move about in an autonomous fashion.

My brother [L] and me, with Lt. Gov Robert D. Orr of Indiana. Look at how happy I am to be there.

That day, I also met Lieutenant Governor Robert D. Orr [R]. Two years later, he would become the Governor.

Maybe he’s a nice guy. I don’t know. All I remember is that I got the creeps being in his presence. I felt very nervous interacting with him.

I had no idea, and it would be another 39 years before I would find out that I am Autistic. Compared to Orr, I felt at ease with Teague.

These experiences, no doubt, had an influence on me as an adult.

As an adult, I tried to have an open mind about it. I saw the Democrats as having ideas and putting forth policy that could potentially help others. However, the Republicans complained, obstructed, or just made up outrageous bullshit.

Indiana was the LAST state in America to approve the Equal Rights Amendment on THIS very day, Valentine’s Day, in 1973.

Who opposed this?

Republicans. And they had very weak and superstitious reasons. Senator Joan Gubbins [R-Indianapolis], the leading opponent forecasted the measure would lead to homosexual marriage, sexual deviancy, female soldiers and motherless children. [Source]

I was only 8 years old when she suggested this, and even I knew that it was bullshit. Imagine a woman actively working to keep other women down, because she is informed by superstitious religious beliefs, in a religion that tells women they cannot hold dominion over men [1 Timothy 2:12].

According to her own religious beliefs, she is supposed to stay out of politics and keep her mouth shut. What a hypocrite.

In spite of this, I kept an open mind, with the idea that I would vote for a Republican if they were upstanding people who had good ideas.

Flash forward to 2021: I have never voted for a Republican in my entire life. They want to keep everyone down. They want to force their religious beliefs onto others. They obstruct. They present NO new ideas at all.

But as time wore on, I started to realize that the Democrats were also not representing me.

I would vote, and vote, and vote, and it wouldn’t matter. Nothing seemed to make a difference.

It is important that I provide this information as well, before giving my thoughts on the topic.

I remember him as far back as the 70s. As a little kid, I thought that he was a horrible person. He got sued for discrimination in hiring, as well as other arenas. He had to borrow money from his father. He didn’t seem like he had it together as a human being.

Flash forward to 1987, and I bought his book, The Art of the Deal. This was an age where everyone had their get-rich-quick offerings. I was part of the desperate, unprivileged masses who wanted to join the wealth club.

I read it twice, because after the first reading I felt as if I must have missed something. I mean, I was expecting to LEARN “the art of the deal,” and there was no such expression in the book, either directly or implied.

The basic summary of the message, beyond his bragging about things, was that he would never know how a deal was going to go. It might be good, it might be bad. But regardless, he enjoyed the experience.

I figured that this couldn’t possibly be all he had to offer in the book. So I started to pick little things that he did, thinking that maybe they would make me “tougher” so that I could walk his path.

One example revolved around his bragging about how he sleeps only 4 hours per night. He suggests that, when he feels tired, he will take a rubber ball, lean back into his office chair, and then throw the ball up and catch it with the same hand.

This was what he did to stay awake, according to the book.

So one night I felt tired and decided to try it. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wasn’t going to get rich like this. Nobody was going to call me. I was basically staying awake for the sake of it.

After the second reading and numerous attempts to understand anything that might be a “how-to” moment, I determined that he was full of shit. I threw the book into the garbage.

I have known that he was full of shit since 1987.

Anyone who has seen Terminator 2 might have recognized that the Terminator [played by Arnold Schwarzenegger] does not kill anyone in the entire movie, with the exception of the bad Terminator at the end, which is a machine masquerading as a human.

Arnold did this because he had political aspirations, and did not want his characters who killed to turn off potential voters.

He even started doing comedy fluff pieces, like Kindergarten Cop and Junior.

During the 90s, a person can find Donald Trump cameos in films. Much like Schwarzenegger, he also had political aspirations, even though he declared that he was not interested in politics when he was 33 years old.

He was uncertain, but was putting things in place, just in case.

During my lifetime, I have witnessed THREE Presidential impeachments, as well as the potential impeachment of Nixon.

One of these was President Clinton on December 19, 1998 [the same day that I left my abusive ex-wife]. The other two, in more recent history, were both Trump.

People get very confused about Bill Clinton’s impeachment, which is obvious when they suggest that he was impeached for cheating on his wife, or for getting a blowjob.

This is not true. The reason why Clinton was impeached was because he LIED under oath.

It was one lie, about something that seems relatively inconsequential. The bottom line was that he lied under oath, which is dishonorable. It is important to note that, when Clinton lied, nobody died. Still, a lie is a lie and it should not be tolerated, especially under oath.

With Trump, we had a person who lied several times per day, every day. He lied so much that his lie about the stolen election is referenced as “The Big Lie,” in order to differentiate it from all of the others, since it caused the most damage [so far as we can tell].

Over the course of his presidency, Trump has expressed 30,573 false or misleading claims. All of these items have been carefully documented.

This may have been the most important hearing of my lifetime. Trump spent YEARS getting his base used to things like “alternative facts” and open hate speech. He divided people. He spread lies; too many to even detail.

He carefully worked up his base to a froth, which lead up to January 6, 2021. This allowed him to deliver his message and commands in a way that would not be too obvious.

His personal lawyer — HIS LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE — Rudolph Giuliani, called for “trial by combat.” I think that when a person’s personal lawyer makes a statement, and then the person praises them for it, that it would be incitement, by-proxy. But nobody brought that up.

The interesting thing to me was that he lied to his own followers when he told them that he would be at the Capitol building with them. For some reason, that either floated over their heads, or they simply do not care if they are on the receiving end of a lie that directly impacts them.

With all of the violence, terror, and death, as well as the threat of overthrowing the United States government, he was still acquitted by the majority of the Republican Senators.


Republicans have gone mega-tribal in their approach. They treat politics like a football game. They don’t care about policy or how anything will impact Americans, and instead only care about “owning the Libs,” even though not every Democrat is Liberal, and almost none are Leftist. It’s childish and unproductive.

Normally, I would say that it is dangerous to put people into a group and then condemn them. I see this with the Republicans, where they have horrific things to say about Democrats, most of which are not true. Nobody wants open borders, nobody is coming to take guns or bibles away, and nobody is kidnapping babies and drinking their blood to ingest Adrenochrome so that they can remain youthful as members of a Satanic Cabal that sex traffics children from the basement of a pizza parlor that has no basement.

None of it is true, but is sure scares the fuck out of Republican voters, most of whom are more religious, less educated, and easier to scare.

But the Republicans and their Nazi off-shoot organizations have forged their image in the fire, blood, and blind hatred that they unleashed on the Federal Capitol building on January 6, 2021.

Many people have expressed that “the truth has been told,” and other sentiments. I agree that the truth was told. I watched all of this on live broadcast on YouTube. What made it all more shocking was the added details that were all snapped to a timeline grid, showing just how serious all of this was.

Sure, the truth as been told.

However, there were NO CONSEQUENCES! Some of the insurrectionists who were arrested have yet to face any consequences. Maybe they’re building cases. But these will be one-offs that most people won’t see, including the Christian Conservative Republican Domestic Terrorists who engaged in this insurrection.

With virtually no consequences, these people are poised to do this again. And since they have experience, my unfortunate projection is that they will succeed in overthrowing the American government.

Even worse is the idea that they not have to do anything more.

America is a country. The country is founded on laws. The greatest document of law is The Constitution.

What we learned in the impeachment acquittal is simple: The law does not matter. Secondarily, one can deduce that the law is applied exclusively to the little people, the regular person.

Justice for thee, but not for me.

Our “representatives” — who falsely call themselves “public servants” — are actually career politicians who are bought and paid for by Corporate America. They do not represent the little people, but rather the corporations.

This is why the average American worker gets shit on so massively.

And you can thank Republican Mitt Romney for the idea that “corporations are people, too.” They’re not, but it’s too late to close that flood gate.

They earn on average $174,000 per year, which is more than the shit minimum wage that the average American earns. They have the best health care that we, the people, can pay for.

Meanwhile, the rest of us suffer.

It is no wonder why the vast majority of Americans do not vote. If someone started the No Vote Party, which would automatically adopt the potential vote of every person who did not vote, that candidate would win every single time.

Americans, generally speaking, are pathetic, tribal, superstitious, afraid, misguided, misinformed, poorly educated, and have bad attitudes. And those are the good qualities of this particular brand of hairless primates.

With regard to politics, I have spent my entire life working to invoke change. Nothing of much significance has made a difference with regard to my vote for presidential candidates.

RIP Kristan

The only two things where I can say that my vote made a difference was the legalization of cannabis in California, and the overall drug legalization in Oregon. Treating drug addiction like a medical issue, instead of a criminal issue, is essential.

If we had this approach, then my little sister might still be alive today. She died of a drug overdose in late June 2017, just after her birthday.

Locally, I have helped to make a few good things happen. But overall, I feel disenfranchised. Beyond that, I also feel exhausted for all of the time and energy that I have put into actually paying attention to politics. So far as that goes, I feel that it is simply not good for my mental health.

I may register to vote, just in case, but I think that it’s time for me to stop giving this shit show any more attention, now that America is brain-dead and on life support.

My opinion that America is dead might seem hyperbolic, but when the law no longer matters, or is unevenly applied, it does not bode well for the concept of a country like America. We are the laughing stock of the world; a big joke to everyone out there.

And now, the entire world knows just how easy it is to attack the Federal Capitol building. If a bunch of mouth-breathing, Trump voting idiots can do it, then certain anyone can.

We have been compromised.

As I write this, I realize that I could probably get arrested for this, since The Constitution is no longer a valid document. And it doesn’t matter that I’m NOT making any threats or inciting anything in this entry. I could still end up in big trouble, because I had the nerve to say something negative about Trump and his Fascist Nazi Christian terrorist group.

Everything feels uncertain, except for one thing: Should someone give me grief for this, on an official level, because I put forth my honest opinions, then it will serve as confirmation that I am correct in my assessments.

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4 thoughts on “My Take: Impeachment Acquittal

  1. What a read! Hard-hitting, blunt; and straight to the heart of the matter. And those pics… priceless! A thoroughly enlightening and educational experience for any non-American (such as me) for sure. Thank you so much for writing this post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the request and suggestion. It’s not something I would normally want to write about, since it’s so divisive. For me, political opinions are the kind of opinions that I try to keep to myself, sometimes even if someone asks. The risk is just too great in America these days.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The pleasure is mine, kind sir. I truly appreciate your taking such a big risk in writing this post. Also appreciated is your willingness to share your most personal thoughts and opinions on the matter at hand. You rock, dude 🤟


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