On Being Voiceless

Yes, I have this blog, as well as my website, a YouTube channel, and email. That’s pretty much it. Almost nothing happens with any of it these days.

The one person who typically comments has known me since 1998 and emails regularly. And most of my followers on here are nothing more than bots who want me to monetize my blog, blah blah blah. In that regard, this site stinks.

What this means, in terms of the internet, is that I am relatively voiceless.

I feel like it’s a great place to be.

Not too long ago, I was talking with my therapist about how I am misunderstood by people on Facebook, when I was using that service. She said, “Being on Facebook, you can post corrections. You can educate people. You can influence them. What a golden opportunity!”

I had to explain to her how almost nobody was reading what I was posting. At the very least, maybe they read it but didn’t acknowledge it, so I will never know. I then reminded her that, because I am misunderstood, I have no pull or influence.

Her enthusiasm changed from the above quote to, “Well, maybe it’s best that you stay away from there.”

And that’s precisely what I am doing. Just hanging out here, writing out my thoughts, shooting them into the sea of blog posts like a note in a bottle, thinking that maybe one day someone might find it.

At this rate, I know where I’m headed. Should I still be alive in the next two years, I might very well have no internet presence at all. And if you have no internet presence, then people start to suspect or even believe that you’re dead.


I give a pass to those people from my distant past who have kept in touch on a somewhat regular basis. As for the rest, they can stay in the past.

The life of a hermit may very well be for me.

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Writing about drums, music, and philosophy.

5 thoughts on “On Being Voiceless

  1. Don’t know much, but of this I am sure. Your music is out there, and will be for as long as the internet exists. And that is one voice that no one can ever stifle.

    Liked by 1 person

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