Facebook: The Flaming Garbage Dump

My last stint on Facebook lasted only a few months, if that long.

During that time, I did encounter a few people who were cool. I got their emails and phone numbers. They were the exception, not the rule. All the same, I think it will ultimately be for nothing, and I’ll be forgotten once again, as I should be.

The rest of it was so bad that I have my own philosophy on the Facebook experience that will ensure that I never forget and try to go back again.

There was the woman who almost married me, but ended up marrying someone else. There was the ex-girlfriend who cheated on me with her paperboy and later almost married her half-brother. There was another ex-girlfriend who sounded like she wanted to get together, which is the last thing I want to hear.

There were the guys who believed themselves to be better than me, and who took every opportunity possible to assert this. Their insecurity is bigger than ever.

There were former friends who became hate-filled, terrified Trump voters, who have no room for Humanity in their hearts. There were also those former friends who wanted to be connected, for some reason, yet did not want to spend the time to actually get caught up.

And more often than not, too many of these Midwestern people became hyper-religious and enjoyed asserting their superiority as they shit all over the non-believer.

Facebook is a flaming garbage dump. When you go on Facebook, your past is there, waiting for you, ready to remind you of things that are better left forgotten.

NEVER dig through the garbage. It’s on the curb. Everyone can see you. It gets messy. It stinks. And once you retrieve what you thought you wanted, you later realize that it looks and smells like shit.

Published by DrumWild

Writing about drums, music, and philosophy.

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