I See You

I write here because I love to write. This could change, based on some of the viewers I’ve encountered.

Not only do I check out everyone who likes or comments, but I also check out anyone who subscribes. And, yes, I do remove some subscribers.

I’ll get the positives out of the way, since they are in the minority. These are people I may know or those whom I’ve gotten to know, either here or elsewhere. Some read but don’t subscribe or interact, which is fine. They call me and we talk about some of the things that I have written.

I appreciate their support.

I’ve written with a few new subscribers, and that has gone surprisingly well. I appreciate the responses, if any of you are reading now. Thanks.

But then there’s the trouble. Real or perceived, it’s not something that I just let slide.

No photo, and no link: I’ve had some followers like this. They seem a bit sketchy. Since they’re also not interactive, I will remove them from the follow list.

Get rich quick, or get more blog viewers: I have no use for these people, so I will remove them.

Photo, but dead link: Maybe they let their business go, and are sticking around for other reasons. That’s fine, although I keep an eye on users like this.

Animal image, cartoon, or logo: Yes, I have a logo, so it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s something to hide behind. If they seem like real people, then that’s fine. For what it’s worth, I’m not trying to sell you my drumming services. I prefer my logo since I’m an older guy who doesn’t photograph well, so I can relate. I might investigate myself later, just to be sure. /s

Religious icons: So long as you don’t try to convert me, we’re good.

The challenge that I’m facing in all of this is finding real people, instead of corporations or opportunists who want to sell me something. But there are a few who cause me some special concern.

The other day, I got a “like” from a woman. Whenever I get a like, WordPress sends me an email and encourages me to “check out” what they’re doing. I do this with every email that I get.

When I see an image and a name, I automatically develop an expectation of what I am going to see. This particular woman looked like a regular person; nothing outstanding. She wasn’t provocative or attempting to be sexy. I will typically remove those accounts immediately.

So I click on it, and it goes to some guy’s page. He’s selling some things and has a few entries that might not be about sales, at least not directly.

I was confused, so I commented on it that I was confused and asked who it was. He said that she was just a dear friend, and that he was glad that I lead me to his site, and he hoped that I liked his content.

Well, the answer to that remark is NO, I did not like or enjoy your content at all. In fact, I gave it NO consideration at all. WHY? Because I felt deceived. And it would be no different it if were a picture of a man, and a woman used it to get someone to visit.

So I wrote it off as the piece of shit that it is, and carried on.

A day later, I got a like from another regular, everyday woman. So I went to visit the page, and it was the SAME GUY! He apparently has a collection of photos of regular women, and he uses their images and attaches female names to them, in a cover-up to get traffic to his site.

He has an actual logo, that is akin to a Chris Raygun logo. It seems that he has spent a good amount of money on his logo [as I did for mine], so I have no idea why he is not using his expensive logo or other branding.

My guess is that he has no confidence in himself, but more than likely he’s just a shifty liar who is full of shit.

What this guy does not understand is that starting out a relationship with a LIE is a really bad idea. I’m NOT going to stick around, read anything you wrote, or “enjoy” any of it, when we start out with YOU actively choosing to misrepresent yourself.

The worst, for me, was an Autistic blog that started out re-blogging my stuff all the time. I had a run-in with them and removed them from my follow list. They decided to re-follow a handful of times. I’d keep removing them, and they’d keep rejoining.

That’s aggressive, childish, and very unnecessary.

Here’s a hint: If you are NOT wanted somewhere, then it would be a good idea for you to stay away and go elsewhere.

And if you want to re-blog, then I need to understand your goals and directives, and then you need to pay me. I don’t write so that big organizations can take my writings and monetize it for themselves. That makes you a parasite, and I have no need for that. Nobody does. Make your own content and stop stealing from others.

My goals with this page are relatively simple.

  • I write here because I enjoy it. And when I no longer enjoy it, that will end.
  • I am up for positive interactions on the blog with REAL people, not frauds.
  • No fighting or interacting with trolls.
  • I like meeting legitimate, REAL people who are capable of real discussion.
  • I have no use for anyone who is selling things.
  • I have no use for liars, scammers, and those who misrepresent.

I don’t play games or fuck around when it comes to my personal online safety. Real people who have thoughts, ideas, or something to say are always welcome.

The frauds, liars, sharks, scammers, salesmen, and the anonymous can go somewhere else. I have no time or patience for you.

Published by DrumWild

Writing about drums, music, and philosophy.

4 thoughts on “I See You

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable read, as always. I must admit that these entities had me fooled for the longest time. If you hadn’t outed them, I would never have known. Muchas gracias Senor ✌️

    Liked by 1 person

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