Kitty Break!

Some of the stuff I write feels a bit heavy at times. Also, I know that some readers are interested in my cats. For this reason, I will be posting a bunch of cat photos here, along with some info about my amazing companions.

Name: Rascal T. Brat
Nickname: Brat Boy, the Baby Baby, Rascalliwag, Rascoundrel, Rascal Dactyl
Age: 14 years [March 10, 2007]
Type: Orange Tabby
Acquisition: Got him from a friend on MySpace forums.
Fav People Foods: Vegetable beef soup, cheese, chicken
Special Talents: Speaking with hand commands.

Name: Tibo Bat
Nickname: Bat Boy, T-Bone Pickens the Little Dickens
Age: 22 months [September 9, 2019]
Type: Half Orange Tabby, Half Maine Coon
Acquisition: Adopted from someone at the local veterinary office.
Fav People Foods: Tuna, chili, bread
Special Talents: Walking on a leash/harness, being fluffy.

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