Writing About Writing

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote two pieces. They were accurate pieces about my experiences with certain people from my past.

I posted them and let them sit for a handful of hours. At one point, I paused to reflect on these two pieces. And I wasn’t feeling good about them at all.

There were a few problems with them, some bigger than others. Whether they deserved it or not, what I wrote dragged a few people through the mud over things that happened a long time ago. In at least one instance, the person who was the subject of the piece apologized. They’re still a horrible person, but they apologized.

I don’t want to write in a way that gives the negative people and experiences of my past any staying power. I don’t want to read through old writings and read about that, or them. As I try to move on from the past, I don’t need to keep writing in a way that constantly reminds myself.

Moving forward, I want to take a more positive spin on things, even the negative people and experiences. And I want to write about things that are more current.

The problem with writing about things that are more current is that not much new or positive has happened in the past 18 months. Just as is the case with songwriting, the same is true of standard writing. Experiences feed the writing.

Maybe an editor would be helpful. Maybe topic suggestions would be helpful. Or maybe I can write out a list and pare it down to the positive and more interesting experiences that I’ve had in the past. Find silver linings that existed during the more difficult times and write about them.

At any rate, I want to take my blog in a more positive direction. I want to write things that don’t necessarily need defending, or that open up old wounds. Anyone who has been reading for a while knows that my old wounds have never really gone away, and that is something that is also changing.

Time to post this and give my future writings some thought. Thank you for reading.

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Writing about drums, music, and philosophy.

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