Update: Intro 2021 / I Want You 2021 Recording

I just finished rendering a draft WAV for Intro 2021, and sent it off to a trusted musician friend for review, critique, and ideas.

My initial thoughts are that I’m somewhat pleased by how it turned out. I think it needs some proper mixing, which will take some time.

The piece got slowed down to 66bpm, which is almost half of the speed it was originally played. In re-learning this song, which I only played once in 1985, I realized that I was a better guitar player back then than I give myself credit for.

Plus, any negative judgments I had about the song were due to the rushed and rough draft nature of the recording. It definitely was not radio-ready.

Going to spend a few more days taking in notes and refining the mix. After that, it will be time to start rehearsals for I Want You 2021.

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Writing about drums, music, and philosophy.

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