I Want to Take YOU on Your Ultimate Journey

Too many people are angry, upset, afraid, alone, and are coping with various situations. Mental illness and distress are killing people.

It does not have to be this way.

I want to take you on your Ultimate Journey. The cool thing about this journey is that you don’t have to leave your house, you don’t have to consume any questionable substances, you don’t have to spend any money, and you don’t even have to leave your seat.

Plus, the journey takes 45-60 minutes, depending on how fast you read this.

All you have to do is consent to the journey, and then we will start the process, after I answer a few questions that I am certain you will have.

To go on this journey, you will have to trust me.

I know. That’s a scary proposition. We barely know each other.

What are the risks?

This journey is comprised of a few questions and commands, followed by a video. The questions are simple enough that ANYONE who is capable of reading and understanding what I am writing can use their own critical thinking skills to answer the questions.

As for the commands, this is not a case of me wanting to tell you what to do, because I’m better or smarter, or insert other nonsense here. Rather, my directions serve to guide you through this journey.

It’s a journey that you’ve taken many, many times, for years on end. The problem is that you forgot HOW to take this journey.

If you have read this far, then I assume that you consent to the journey, and that you are willing and able to follow my directions.

At this time, please secure your perimeter. If you are NOT at home, then please save this for when you get home. Go to the bathroom, have a drink of water, and then have a seat in a comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted with life.

Temporarily mute your phone and all devices.

Okay, let’s get started.

Right now, I want for you to forget the things that are bringing stress into your life. Forget about your work for the time being. Forget about politics. Forget about the problems of the world.

Forget about being an adult, and discard all adult-related concerns.

Do not worry, for this will be temporary, and you can return to your previous state of consciousness after the journey, or at any time you want, should you not be comfortable with it.

Once you’ve forgotten or set aside the above mentioned items, I want for you to remember a time before you became an adult.

Remember a time when you had no political affiliations, and did not care about such things.

Remember a time when you had almost NO care in the world. A time when your biggest concern was which game you were going to play, or who you would go visit.

Remember a time of minimal responsibility.

Think way back to a good, happy moment in your childhood. Go back to this time when you felt really, truly safe.

Imagine that you are safe in this moment in time.

This is a 30-minute video that shows our Universe from current day, with the passage of time doubling every five seconds. It’s a journey from where we are right now, to the literal end of time and everything that exists.

After the video, return and read below.

Time eventually becomes irrelevant…

If you are reading this, then I will assume that you’ve watched the video posted above.

At 19:16 in the video, or 55 million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years from now, when the evaporation of black holes occurs, and they look like fireworks, the first one explodes.

It does not fizzle out until 71 million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years.

That means it took 21 million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years for the evaporation of that one black hole to happen.

In the animation, we see it happen in a matter of a few seconds.

Considering the fact that we only live about 80-100 years, realize that if humans were alive to witness this phenomenon, that you would live your 100 years, and literally not see ANY of it moving, at all.

If these facts are altering your perception, then congratulations. You’re on the journey.

When we are children, we have a great deal of perspective regarding the world. We are curious, and to varying levels, we are free to explore the world around us.

But as we grow up, we lose our way.

Our brains get filled with religious dogma, work culture propaganda, judgment, hatred, fear, greed, lust, and our behaviors change to fit those ailments. Even worse, our brains change to accommodate these things.

Then those states become our norm.

It puts us in a situation where we look rather silly.

She’s like lots of my former friends and co-horts, who used to know how to have fun and enjoy life. Now they’re angry, miserable, political, and missing out on what makes them happy in life.

But we certainly do not FEEL silly. We feel sickened by the anger, fear, and stress that we tote along, like a snack to feed a beast that is growing by the day.

Humans have become too self-important.

Humans place value on the wrong things.

Humans hold tightly to arrogance, and the idea that they have eternal souls and that they were created by a god, resulting in a loss of humility.

Humans are more interested in their tribal affiliations than the welfare of their neighbors, travelers, and immigrants.

Humans are more interested in stockpiling money, than they are tending to the needs of their own children.

Humans are more interested in working their lives away, than smelling the flowers and playing with their children.

Nobody who had the luxury of lying on their deathbeds ever regretted not spending more time at the office. They do not wish that they had been “more productive.”

Anyone who has been reading my writings, or anyone who knows me, understands that I am an Atheist. I say this NOT because I think you should be one, but because I want my thoughts to have some context.

Whatever you believe, so long as you are not harming others, keep at it.

I hold NO interest in your deconversion. At the same time, I DO hold an interest in living in a more positive society, which starts with YOU and ME.

My perspective on all of this is that we are NOT special and were NOT created by a god of any kind. Again, I tell you this so you can have perspective.

I have not sat back and arrogantly held this position. I have searched for evidence of ANY gods out there. I’ve read the bible and other documents considered to be sacred. I even read an encyclopedia set about the religions and rituals of the world.

I have been searching for over half a century, and I have not found even ONE small piece of evidence to support the idea that there are any gods out there watching over us. My door is open to any gods who want to talk. I think that they should have the power to do this.

What this means is, so far as I can tell, we are utterly alone in the universe. Nobody is driving the bus. We are on a giant rock, hurtling through space around a nuclear explosion, all alone.

From my perspective, if more people felt this way, that life is fragile and a special event in nature, they might value their lives more, and they might be more kind to strangers.

My struggle involves being kind to myself. No matter what you believe, or don’t believe, this can be your situation as well. This can also influence how you treat others.

Right now, people are screaming and yelling about things and getting hyper-emotional, instead of stopping, breathing, and listening to people who are there to help them.

They are not thinking.

Doctors, nurses, hospitals, and morgues are being pushed to their limits right now. Some have already been pushed too far, and have simply given up.

At any time, you can contract a deadly virus that will more than likely kill you. This is on top of everything else out there in the world that could end your life.

Once your life ends, so far as I can tell, that’s it. No heaven, hell, gods, devils, angels, demons, etc. None of it. I just see no evidence for any of it. Even if you believe in an afterlife or reincarnation, one day your body will be gone and life as you knew it will cease to exist forever.

Once you’re gone, that’s it. You exist no more. Or rather, the thing that you believed was you that existed is no more. That’s another existential crisis for another day.


Whether you agree with me, or whether you hold some type of religious beliefs, the truth is that our societies are at the early stages of a socio-economic collapse.

It has nothing to do with “heathens” like myself. Discarding of that flawed logic would be a healthy thing. It has everything to do with our owners, their greed for money, their thirst for power, and their desire to not only maintain these things for themselves, but to make them bigger. Because they never have enough.

No, that gay couple that got married isn’t destroying society. Neither is that immigrant who lost EVERYTHING and are running from the only home they’ve ever known, into the vast unknown.

These are the powerless, and the powerful love pointing at them and blaming them for everything. It’s a distraction.

Right now, you’re here. You might not be here in ten minutes. Whether you go to heaven or hell, or simply return to the state that “you” were in before you were born, the fact is that your physical being is gone, and it remains gone forever.

What are you doing with the tiny spec of time that you have on this planet?

If it involves hate, fear, stress, an excess of politics, too much work, too much debt, and the “othering” of people who are not like you, then it seems that you’re wasting the one-and-only life you’ve got.

I would encourage you to try to be kind. Try to have empathy, sympathy, and Humanity for those who are not like you; those who have it worse than you.

Try to avoid demonizing people who aren’t like you.

Stop. Close your eyes. Breathe. Then think.

We have people who are dying out there because they’re afraid of the “other” political team, who has been demonized. They fear the educated, who have been demonized. They fear science, which has been demonized for centuries.

They fear “losing their rights,” instead of doing the right thing, which ironically takes away the rights of all.

Worst of all, they might be too proud to admit that they were wrong, change their minds, and do the right thing. They fear being cast out of their tribe, or otherwise losing their tribal affiliation.

This means they would actually lose friends, respect, and their social standing if they change their attitude, change their course, and get vaccinated and wear a mask.

That’s the kind of pride that kills.

The world is becoming more intense. People are becoming more angry and aggressive.

Anger and aggression are the bodyguard of fear and sadness. They won’t show fear and sadness, because they believe that to be giving off signs of weakness. The truth is that only the weak need to mask their true feelings.

The purpose of this journey was to get you to think back to when you were more than likely a better person, and you probably had less stress.

This might not always be the case, but for many it might be. My childhood was VERY bumpy, but I did have some moments that were good, and I gravitate toward those times.

Examining your life. Is something stressing you? Causing anger? Generating fear? If so, you can investigate and see if there is something you can do about it.

For example, if you are a member of a tribal Facebook group that is all about hatred of the “others,” then please consider quitting that group. Shutting off those voices allows YOUR OWN voice to be heard. It’s that voice in your head that belongs to you, not someone else.

Some people refer to that voice as “god.”

And do not feel ashamed about getting a professional to help you. There are good therapists out there who can guide you toward the best version of you.

When life gets too overwhelming for me, I stop and go on this journey. Yes, that includes the video, which I have watched dozens of times.

After that, I realize that life is an illusion caused by death. And suddenly, my problems don’t seem so overwhelming.

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