Stop Attacking and Yelling at People Who Are Working

I took this photograph back on June 1, 2008. Look at those George W. Bush gas prices! The dark smoke in the air is from the fire at Universal Studios, where the original King Kong burned up, as well as boxes and boxes of MASTER TAPES that can never be revived again.

Indeed, Universal Music Group [UMG] doesn’t really care about the music masters from legendary artists. But that’s not the point of my post.

When gas prices first went up, I stopped at a gas station to fill up. Paying at the pump wasn’t working, so I went inside.

What I found inside was a man was about 10 years older than me, crying and cowering in the corner. I asked him what was wrong.

He told me about how EVERYONE who stopped to get gas was ANGRY WITH HIM!!!! They told him that HE was ripping off people. He got death threats from people. He was threatened with guns and knives by various customers.

They were SO STUPID that they believed that HE was responsible for the gas prices. They believed that HE was responsible for EVERYTHING at that station.

The hard reality is that he was nothing more than an employee working for slave wages and taking the brunt of every angry person out there.

We currently have an epidemic in America of people known as “Karens.” They will attack service workers, flight attendants, or anyone else who has ABSOLUTELY NO POWER AT ALL in the situation. The people they attack often times cannot defend themselves because they will lose their jobs.

In some cases, the Karens will KILL the worker who does something like trying to enforce a mask wearing policy. And people wonder why these workers don’t want to return.

A “Karen” is easy to spot:

  1. Typically female, although there are male Karens often referenced as Darrens or Kens.
  2. Typically older.
  3. Typically white.
  4. Typically Republican.
  5. Typically Trump voters.
  6. Lacking in sympathy, empathy, and Humanity.
  7. Always aggressive.

These are people who have lived HIGHLY privileged lives. But now that there’s a rule that applies to EVERYONE, they feel cheated and desperate. As a result, they get aggressive with ANY workers.

Here is an example of a Karen attacking a pizza parlor worker.

And here is ANOTHER Karen who was a Disneyland and decided that it would be a good idea to PEE IN A CUP.

They do not limit their attacks on service workers. They will also attack non-white civilians. They will attack POLICE OFFICERS!!!

They will even attack active military personnel. This Karen accused this Navy Veteran of stolen valor, and she SLAPPED HIM.

She has since been arrested, and she also lost her job at CVS. We need to see more consequences.

There are countless videos of Karens on YouTube, as well as ENTIRE CHANNELS dedicated to daily posts of Karen videos.

I’m going to keep this short.

Stop attacking people. Stop behaving like a spoiled brat. Stop causing harm to others. Stop being childish.

I am an Autistic man who is almost 57 years old, and who is also permanently frozen in time at around age 16. I say this so people can understand where I’m coming from.

Too many adults around my age, or older, really need to GROW THE FUCK UP. Just stop it.

Just stop.

Grown adults should know better.

I know the pandemic was rough. It was made more rough by those who have politicized the virus or who otherwise DO NOT take it seriously. Those who are stretching this disease out and giving it new life in the form of variants, ARE THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE WHINING ABOUT WEARING A MASK.

They stay in denial about it, even when they are in a hospital bed DYING of it.

Stupid, afraid, angry, and oblivious is no way to go through life. You’re making it worse for the rest of us. YOU ARE KILLING US, LITERALLY!

Stop it.

I do fear running into someone like this, as they love to push buttons and escalate. My concern would be that I might have an Autistic meltdown [panic attack] and launch something at them, which could be deadly. It could be a rock, or maybe a soup can.

So I am going to get pepper spray to protect myself from these self-declared “patriots.” I need to have something non-lethal to defend myself with.

What makes me a target of them is nothing more than WEARING A MASK.

This one isn’t even in America. This disease is spreading around the globe. The Walmart greeter, a DISABLED worker, asked a man to wear a mask, and this is what the guy did to him.

This really has to stop. Because if it does not stop, I might react in a way where the person attacking me may not get up, and I could end up in big trouble while defending myself. I’m too old to fight, so I’m more inclined to do something that will end it quickly.

I hope that I never have this kind of encounter with this brand of monster.

Grown adults should know better.

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3 thoughts on “Stop Attacking and Yelling at People Who Are Working

  1. Now, now… slow down, take a deep breath. Feeling calmer? Good, now repeat after me:
    One, global warming is just a myth
    Two, there is no such thing as coronavirus
    Three, all them “variants” simply don’t exist
    Four, anyone who is not a Republican is either a commie or terrorist
    Five, Santa Claus is coming to town

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