Hallowe’en and The Legend of Tibo Bat

Tibo Bat was born on September 9, 2019, but he wasn’t always Tibo Bat.

[There will be Hallowe’en themed photos at the end!]

Mid-2008: LP [in the sink] and Rascal T. Brat

Catherine worked at a veterinarian clinic around that time, when a co-worker let her know that her cat had kittens, and asked if she wanted one. She said “yes,” thinking that Rascal T. Brat would want a new companion, since his buddy LP died in early 2019.

This is a really bad idea, so I’d recommend against it. In our situation, Rascal was already going on 13 years old when Tibo Bat, the crazy kitten showed up.

They mostly get along now, but it wasn’t always that way. Rascal had gone deaf, and so he believed that Tibo was always sneaking up on him.

So, do not get a kitten because you think your older cat might be lonesome after his buddy passes. Rascal would have been happier on his own.

October 13, 2019: Tibo Bat, ignoring Rascal’s protests.
October 30, 2021: Tibo Bat, with his face in Rascal’s butt.
Tibo Bat goes on his first walk through town.

Catherine’s co-worker said she had a newborn kitten named “Simba,” and asked her if she wanted it. She accepted, after asking me about it. I thought it was a good idea, so we went for it. I’ve already noted above why it was a bad idea.

We were looking forward to going to see him the following day.

That night, Catherine had a dream that she was working with the Exotic Animals vet in the hospital. She had to transfer a bat, via train, to Germany to get special paperwork so he could be taken for treatments.

The bat was 3-4 feet long, and was swaddled in a leather blanket.

People would walk up to her and say, “That’s a beautiful bat. What’s his name?”

She would reply, “Tibo.”

Upon hearing this dream, I decided that “TIBO BAT” would be the perfect name for him. Simba just didn’t fit.

So we went to see him and he was the cutest little doll!

After waiting a while for him to be weaned from his mother, he was finally able to come home with us.

But it wouldn’t be a bed of roses, as there were many challenges ahead.

Tibo Bat fetches his baby.

When we moved into the apartment building, we signed a lease that informed us that there was a “two pet maximum.” We had this in mind when we adopted Tibo Bat.

The landlord came over with a repairman. They saw Tibo and wanted to pet him. They seemed to like him.

But then, then landlord said that she thought I had a bigger cat. I told her I did, and she said some things that I found to be upsetting.

The FIRST thing she said was that they had since changed their policy to allow only ONE pet. The SECOND thing she said was that cats have to be at least six months old before they are allowed to live in the apartment.

Then, she said that I might have to re-home Tibo Bat. To say that I was crushed was an understatement. But then she said that she would talk with corporate and let me know.

The response that I got was that I’d have to put him on the lease, pay a $300 deposit, and $30 per month in rent. This was what we had to do with Rascal, so ti seemed standard.

So we got to keep Tibo Bat. But you probably figured that out already.

Sometimes I’ll type out or say “Tibo” instead of “Tibo Bat.” But I prefer the full name for him.

When we picked him up from the veterinary office, we were about to leave when the UPS guy showed up. He says, “That’s a cute kitten. What’s his name?” I reply with ust, “Tibo.”

He still has no idea what fire hydrants are for.

The UPS guy appeared to get all excited as he says, “Yes! Continuing the legacy of Tim Tebow!” He then proceeds to rattle off every single thing he knows about Tim Tebow. Meanwhile, I’m no fan of football in general, and only know of Tim Tebow because he’s the guy who prays during a game in a way that is VERY tacky.

So I stood there and just nodded and nodded. Thankfully, he had to run to his next drop, otherwise I’d not know how to get out of that conversation.

So I want no mistake to be made. Tibo Bat is NOT linked to Tim Tebow in any way at all.

Catherine and I split up in December 2019. She stayed in Oregon for about 4 more months. Of course, we had to split certain things up, and one of those things was who got custody of the kids.

Tibo Bat is a very good travel passenger.

She took Tibo Bat with her, and I didn’t fight that. It was difficult. At the same time, I volunteered to keep Rascal T. Brat, because he was old and wasn’t in shape to travel. Besides, he had traveled 1,000 miles with me in a moving truck from California to Oregon. He’s a good traveler, but Catherine was going to Rhode Island, just over 3,000 miles away.

So Tibo Bat traveled via airplane 3,000 miles to Rhode Island, where he lived with Catherine for 4 months. Eventually, Catherine decided that she really wanted to be in Oregon instead, so we shipped her car to her. She and Tibo Bat then drove just over 3,000 miles back to Oregon.

This means Tibo Bat has bragging rights, that he traveled across the width of the United States TWICE during the pandemic.

His modeling career started and ended with him helping me do a holiday promo for Mr. Video, a video rental store that is in Keizer, Oregon. It’s the last one in the immediate area.

It was our way of trying to help out a business that I love and wish I could support more.

“Everything Works If You Let It,” by Cheap Trick, covered by my old band, The Wrong Dots, featuring Robbie Rist on vocals.

Nothing much to say about this. Just more cuteness.

His baby pictures are cute. However, his big boy pictures are by far more majestic.

To the right is Tibo Bat, before we adopted him. To his left is his brother. His name is pronounced “shuh-THEED,” but is spelled Shithead.

I could carry on all day and night about Tibo Bat and his cuteness. But I realize that all good things must come to an end, so I’ll be ending this one out with the best of Tibo Bat’s first Hallowe’en photos.

Tibo Bat is half Maine Coon and half orange Tabby cat. Maine Coon cats can be a bit on the rough side when they’re very little. They don’t understand their power.

As for what Tibo Bat is doing today, he’s in the process of getting his certification to be an Emotional Support Cat for Catherine. Once we have the paperwork, it will be submitted to the landlord, in an effort to remove his $30 per month rent charges.

We’ll see what happens. Until then, and until next time, have a happy and safe Hallowe-en, and I’ll see you all next time!

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