Americans Believe Lots of Stupid Things… and It’s Getting Dangerous

My formal education was abysmal. Grade school was a rehash of things I already knew by the time I got there. As for junior high and high school, I was putting more time into protecting myself from bullies and shitty teachers than actual learning.

I learned more during my first quarter of college than I did in the whole of my time in high school. It was pathetic. And while I’ve been told by a reliable source who was there that the school has improved and is at the top of the list in Indiana, I still have concerns about American education as a whole.

Being at the top in Indiana is like being the cleanest turd. It’s still a turd.

And it’s not just education. It’s also religion. Typically, they claim to believe in Jesus and all that. But lately, the White Evangelicals have been total mask off. It seems they didn’t really put much stock into either that Jesus character OR the bible, as both have been rendered mostly irrelevant.

All the same, they still hide behind a bible, a cross, and an American flag, as well as labels like “patriot.”

It has gotten so bad that many things, like “patriot,” no longer have any meaning at all.

Christian Conservative Republicans are currently living a life of the ultimate convenience.

If they don’t like it, then it’s “fake news” or a “false flag.”

But if they like it, then it’s totally true.

Trumpers, or Trump voters, are a combination of white supremacists, Evangelical Christians [Protestants], people who believe we never landed on the moon, people who believe that the earth is flat, and other stupid things.

There was a rather disturbing gathering of these people recently in central Dallas, Texas, at the site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Why were they there?

Because John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of President John F. Kennedy, who DIED IN 1999 was going to return on a specific time and a specific day, to announce that he’d be running with Donald Trump.

There are SO many problems with this, the biggest one being that JFK Jr. IS FUCKING DEAD!!!!

Christian Conservative Republican Trump voters are typically either Evangelical Christian or Protestant, as well as some Baptists. The one thing they HATE is Catholics. The third iteration of the KKK [an American Christian terrorist organization]was there, not only to oppress and terrorize blacks, but also to “keep Catholics in line.” That is, to remind them that they’re third class citizens and that they are not welcome.

My grandmother identified as Catholic and my grandfather as Protestant. From what I’ve learned from them, America DID NOT approve of their marriage. Their respective churches did not approve. Protestants were in charge, and wanted to keep it that way.

They viewed Catholics as “Mary-worshipping monsters.”

So WHY would White Evangelical Christians be waiting for a Catholic to return?

Another big problem is the Kennedy family have always been STAUNCH DEMOCRATS. This means they have deeply held reasons why they align with this party. Trump aligns with whomever is going to benefit him the most in any given moment. But Trump voters MOST DEFINITELY are ALWAYS Republicans.

Why would Republicans gather to await a STAUNCH DEMOCRAT to return?

To be clear, they WERE NOT waiting for his ghost to arrive. Rather, they have declared his death to be a “false flag.”

Now, they’ve declared other false flags, like a school shooting where CHILDREN died. But they said the reason for this was so that Democrats could start a gun grab.

I’ve yet to hear a reason why JFK Jr’s death was a false flag. And I guess this is not the first time they’ve pushed this.

In this video, you can see the crowd, and there is text on the screen detailing what is happening.

I am surprised that Forbes ran this, since they’re mostly pro-Trump. Maybe things are starting to get too weird for them, too.

So what we have here is a case of White Evangelical Christian [Protestant] Republicans, who are awaiting the return of a Catholic Democrat, whose death was faked in 1999 for some reason.

These idiots are also trusting “Q,” an anonymous online source who gives them NOTHING in the way of facts or evidence, and who demands that they “trust the plan.”

It’s simple.

Republican Americans have been attacking the educational system for at least the past four decades. They push for removal of certain facts, or the outright removal of an entire subject, and they get it. Why? Because Texas is a big state, and because they have big buying power, they can dictate what goes into the school books for the entire country.

Yes, it’s money driving a decision on what to teach and what not to teach.

Another big problem is that Christian groups have been driving American discourse for at least the past four decades. They know that their base is relatively uneducated. But it’s worse than that.

Christians are taught to NEVER QUESTION what they are told, because questioning is doubting, and doubt will get you punished in hell for all of eternity. Indeed, to them asking a question about something deserves the same punishment that the likes of Ted Bundy or Hitler would get.

Also, Christians are primed to believe anything they are told, WITHOUT EVIDENCE. Even if they can’t see it, they have to keep on believing. This allows the goalposts to be moved. JFK Jr. did not return, and Trump did not get reinstated, so they just pick another date and then continue their gormless madness.

In other words, it’s a combination of stupidity, ignorance, and religious superstition that keeps this ugly thing alive.

They also use a variety of emotional manipulation tactics to stay alive and keep people agitated. Their move is to NEVER LET THE PEOPLE CALM DOWN. Keep them outraged constantly on a daily basis.

Remind them that they need to be afraid of something that doesn’t exist.

Christian Conservative Republican weirdos are behind such phrases as, “Think of the children.” They use children as human shields, which is the move of cowards, to get what they want.

So they want to go after a magical Satanic kabal of celebrities and the wealthy who are trafficking children so they can put fear into the child, thus making their bodies produce adrenaline, so they can drink the blood and extract adrenocrhome so they can remain youthful and live forever, because reasons.

They forget that Trump is a wealthy celebrity himself. Then again, he’s also the utter antithesis of what a Christian should be, and he has been chosen as a replacement for Jesus.

Yes, it’s getting that wild here. It’s mindless, stupid, superstitious nonsense.

It is very possible that I may have to delete my Atheist channel, and maybe even this blog, because someone might find it. In America, we’re quickly approaching a point where Atheists are deemed to be “demonic, Satanic devil worshippers who eat babies.”

I was first called this when I was 11 years old, so this is nothing new, and it does not surprise me. This sentiment has not gone away. I am almost 57 now, and it’s just now starting to get worse.

The BIG problem is that these people sincerely believe that they are warriors in a Holy War, where they have “god” on their side. Because of this belief, they will be willing to do anything or kill anyone for the cause.

Yes, things are getting dangerous in America. While I don’t feel a sense of fear right now, I do have a great level of concern that we are quickly entering a place in time in our society where self-declared “Good Christians” will be praised and rewarded for the execution of “heathens,” as well as “non-Christians.” This includes anyone who is NOT a Christian.

Note that this is not about MY future or OUR future. These are dangerous morons who love guns and believe a god is on their side. We already know what this turns into. Reference The Taliban for more details.

The problem in America is that there is no one group of “Christians.” The label of Christian can be split up into almost 50,000 different groups. Indeed, there are over 50,000 brands of Christianity available for purchase in America.

What they all have in common is that they do not like each other. In fact, they have contempt and hatred for each other.

What do I see in their future?

After they’re done killing the Atheists, Democrats, Leftists, and people of other religious beliefs, they will start killing those who are the wrong brand of Christian.

We have all of these different brands because the bible is open to interpretation. The slightest disagreement on the smallest of details results in a schism and a new brand is born. This is what explains the hatred among these splintered, broken, superstitious groups.

Emo Philips can illustrate just how deep that rabbit hole goes.

They have a goal of ONE Christianity ruling America, and America ruling the world.

The are terrorists.

I’m going to cut this now, before I get too detailed.

Basically, we have a bunch of uneducated, superstitious Christian Americans who are being controlled by Trump, by Republican leadership, by their churches, and by an anonymous online source that goes by “Q.”

They’re relatively stupid, which means they’re more easily scared, and thus easier to control.

They love guns and stockpile them. They’re VERY aggressive and have no interest in a polite society.

If you have a Joe Biden sticker on your lawn or car, or an Atheist symbol, then you’re marked for death and can expected to be killed by any of them at any time. Some areas are more dangerous than others. My area is about 50/50, so it’s still a big risk to be “out.”

They’re all about white supremacy and have no problem being completely mask-off about it. A woman who participated in the armed insurrection in an effort to block the Constitutional duty associated with the peaceful transfer of power, as well as an attempt to overthrow the United States government, recently said that she would be “no jail time” because she’s “white” and has money and is successful in business.

She was given 60 days in prison to “send a message.” This light sentence sends NO MESSAGE at all, which is why the 1/6 insurrection was merely a practice run, and they WILL be doing it again. They’ve said it, so I will believe that.

And a good number of them are emotionally stunted and mentally unstable. There are MANY examples of this online. This one is my favorite.

While you might be inclined to laugh at this initially, it’s actually very, very terrifying.

So I will be looking at my situation and give everything a true evaluation. Should I delete my content? Modify it? Stay as thing are? These are questions that I must answer myself.

Should I end up deleting my profile, that does not mean that I’ve given up or am going away. It DOES mean that I will be finding a safer way of supporting the fight against these stupid, superstitious, violent people.

Finally, DO NOT thank your lucky stars that you do not live in America. Because when America goes to total shit, and it will, the rest of the world will suffer as a result.

Don’t expect Christian Conservative Republican Terrorists to relegate their activities exclusively to America. Remember, these are people who sincerely believe that a god, the ultimate power of the universe, is in an eternal fight with evil and satan himself, for ownership of THEIR personal souls. What an ego boost! Not only that, but they believe in “Manifest Destiny,” which is the idea that THEY will be at the top, that THEY will be in charge, and that EVERYONE ELSE is to be a servant, and that concepts like the law or prison apply ONLY to those who are NOT in their tribal group.

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