11 Days to 2022: I Have No Holiday Spirit

I got my Moderna booster on Friday. It takes two weeks to be “fully covered.” Meanwhile, our governor in Oregon gave us a heads up, that we should see an Omicron wave in 3 weeks.

Talk about cutting it close. Sure, I can still get it and get sick. I just have a greater chance of living through it.

This reminds me of early 2018, when I worked in a data sweatshop, where people were crammed into one room. There was no air conditioning or ventilation. It was 90F indoors without a heater. I could FEEL the moisture in the recycled, filthy air dripping down my face.

I asked if they could open some windows or get some ventilation going. He replied, “Yea, you’d like to think that we could, but we can’t.”

And my therapist at the time had a bad take when I told him I said this, telling me that I needed to keep my mouth shut at work, don’t complain, don’t bring anything up, put your head down, obey no matter what, and other bad advice.

This is the same guy who told me to, “Keep working hard. You never know, the boss might recognize your intelligence and move you up.” He doesn’t understand sweatshops. They DO NOT recognize intelligence and DO NOT CARE about intelligence. They want bodies to get the work done. That’s all they see, and all they want to see. They do not care about ANYONE who is doing the work.

So I kept going, because I needed every penny of that $14 per hour to pay my $2,600 per month rent, as well as gas, insurance, food, and other necessities.

Even if math isn’t your strong suite, you can still tell that the numbers don’t add up.

And it was the kind of job where, at the end of the day, the agency sends out emails asking who wants to work tomorrow. Only the fastest to reply would get work. The rest would get dropped. And if you did not reply for even one day, then you also got dropped, and there was NO getting back onto the list.

I’d often times be replying to those emails while driving home, which is a bad idea.

After almost one month of working hard every day, I got the Flu.

Obviously, this meant that I could NOT go in the next day. Subsequently, this also meant that I was dropped and would never be able to work there again in that sweatshop.

I was in bed for TWO weeks. At one point, I sincerely thought that I might die.

Being this physically weak inspired other infections. I lost TWO molars due to infection shortly after I recovered. Each tooth extraction cost me $1,200. That’s $400 for the extraction [the hard part], and $800 for the bone graft [the easy part].

At this point, even a toddler can tell that the numbers do not add up.

More and more, this is the kind of abuse that American workers are facing. Employers are tired of going to China and Third World countries to exploit slave labor there, so they’ve brought the practice home, right here.

It’s a constant push push push, without regard to safety, family, or even human life itself. It’s all about money and profits, and the majority of the profits are taken from those who are doing all of the work.

The Amazon warehouses are horrific, where you can only take approved bathroom breaks and they slave you away. They push anti-union propaganda at every turn. And at the end of the day, someone will corner you and ask you questions.

“Are you coming back tomorrow?”

“Do you have any plans to join a union?”

Lately, we’ve seen many major developments, such as various workers for companies like Frito-Lay and Kellogg’s going on strike, or working to unionize.

The most gross and disgusting story as of late was what happened at Mayfield Consumer Products.”

They have a candle factory in Kentucky. When they got a major tornado warning, people wanted to go home. Maybe to be with their families, and also because they most likely have a basement where they can hide and ride out the storm.

The managers at that facility said NO to them, and forced them to stay and work, telling them that if they left they’d have no job left.

They had this power in this small town, where people have no choice but to work in the candle factory.

One might tell them to just get another job. There are no other jobs.

Others might tell them to just move somewhere else, where there are jobs. They cannot afford to move, as they can barely afford to survive.

The tornado came through, and when the dust settled, there was lots of destruction, as well as unnecessary deaths.

These people were literally WORKED TO DEATH. They had to stay at their stations and keep working, while fighting their survival instincts as they heard the terror-inspiring sounds of the tornado bearing down on them.

Some were trapped beneath heavy concrete walls. They were yelling for help as the rescuers were walking on top of them, and the rescuers couldn’t hear.

110 workers were there, 8 are dead, and 90 have been accounted for. That leaves 12 people missing. I am not optimistic, and suspect their bodies will be found later beneath more rubble. Bonus points for my prediction if a coroner determined that they were alive for a few days beneath this mess before dying an agonizing and horrifying death.

All of this for $8 per hour. Yes, that’s horrific in the self-declared “greatest country in the world” and the “richest country in the world.” That’s a whole $0.75 above the minimum wage, which is a shameful thing.

Nobody look at America as a world leader anymore. Nobody thinks we’re a strong country anymore. Thanks to the internet, and the truth being shown, the entire world sees us as one horrific joke.

We’re also listed as a”backsliding democracy.”

America is effectively dead, and what we are experience now is merely the death throes.

This is THE tornado that swep through Mayfield, Kentucky on 12/10/2021. There is no mercy. There are no gods watching over us.

Their senator is Republican Rand Paul.

Every time another region of the country suffered a natural disaster, such as was the case with the California wildfires, as well as the wildfires in Oregon in 2020, he voted EVERY SINGLE TIME to deny them emergency relief efforts.

September 8, 2020: Standing in my parking lot as death began to descend upon us. I did not know if we would burn alive, or if we would get suffocated by the smoke and soot in the air. This lasted for the better part of a month. Living in the valley is what ultimately saved our skins.

Every. Single. Time.

And now, he’s begging for money for HIS state.

The problem with Republicans is that they have no sympathy, empathy, or Humanity. They are monsters who have been trained to NOT care about “the others,” but simultaneously expecting everyone to care about them.

It’s highly Narcissistic.

Our mess here in America started in 1980, with Ronald Reagan being elected president. He busted up unions and did many other things that ultimately ended up harming the average American citizen.

He came up with “trickle-down economics,” which is nothing more than a case of rich people pissing on our heads.

That lie is still being sold today, even though most people don’t buy it. Politicians don’t care if we buy it or not. They just say it, and then go back to count the money that they are “earning” by NOT doing anything for us, the American people.

Our infrastructure is in shambles. No upgrades in close to half a century in some cases. The electrical grid for the country is weak, unstable, and easy to exploit so far as attacks are concerned.

Texas has their own power grid, and we saw what happened there. Some people froze to death, and the survivors would get electricity bills for $10,000 for one month, because “the market” decided that the demand was up, so the price went up.

Only the rich can survive.

We are a shameful excuse for a country. I know there are places that are worse. Some people here like to tell others that if they ever feel badly about things here, that “there are starving children in China.”

No shit. They’ve always been there, and I am certain that thousands will die today, as they do every day. And NOBODY has done ONE THING about it.

Besides, that does nothing to fix the problems here.

Every place has problems that they need to fix. This isn’t a competition. Suffering must be ended.

Now we have the poorly educated getting riled up and voting in big numbers. Even worse, they get VERY violent when things don’t go their way. So if THEY win, the election was fine. But if they LOSE, the election was rigged.

Yes, they say both things out of their mouth at the same time. Remember, they’re catering to the willfully stupid.

We are also so VERY divided right now. Individual states are starting to want to do their own thing, set their own voting rules without submitting those rules to the Federal Government, determining their own ways, while fighting other states who are doing things that they don’t want to do.

Every state government wants to be THE Federal government.

Things are dire. A woman’s CONSTITUTIONAL right to an abortion [a medical procedure] has been shot down by people who claim to support the Constitution while having never read it. It has precisely 4,543 words [7,591 words counting the 27 Amendments], and they can’t be bothered because it’s too long and the words are too big.

It’s the shortest Constitution of any country IN THE WORLD! Click here if you want to download it in PDF form for free.

So they just grunt “First Amendment” or “Second Amendment” and then push the lie that we are “a Christian nation.”

These people [Republicans] go to local political boards and threaten Democrat politicians with guns, bombs, death threats, and more, so that the person might QUIT, and then a Trumper Republican can take their place.

It’s a “might makes right” form of intimidation. Such good Christians they are! This is what I was warning people about on MySpace in 2005, and again on Facebook in 2011. People laughed at me and shot me down. Yes, they were Christians.

If America is an example of Christianity, then I have to wonder why so many people would want to be involved in such a corrupt philosphy.

Oh yea. They do it because they’re afraid of dying and afraid of going to hell. That, and they can claim membership into the exclusive club that anyone can join just by saying they believe. Big deal. They’re still Star-Bellied Sneetches.

How childish. Grown adults should know better. This superstitious mythological religious belief is held by the poor and ignorant, and used by the educated, wealthy, and powerful to control them.

It’s like a cosmic babysitter, but more like the police who will get afraid and shoot you multiple times if you accidentally smile at them.

As you can tell, I have NOTHING in the way of holiday spirit. I spent FOUR YEARS in my own lockdown, and the very day I was ready to get out psychologically, the COVID lockdown started.

Yes, you are sick of the two years we’ve been doing this. I’ve been at it for six years, so I can relate. As lockdown life goes, I am a seasoned professional. All you have to do is imagine doing what you’ve done THREE TIMES IN A ROW, and you’ll start to get an idea of what my life has been like.

You can only imagine how I felt the day that I felt I could stop compulsively washing my hands and go outdoors. I got the message:

Stay indoors and wash your hands vigorously.

There are some positives to report.

As I wrote this, I wasn’t feeling “doomer” pr depressed at all. Yes, I acknowledge that it’s a flaming, stinky mess. I can now do that and not let all of it impact me in such a way that it ruins my day.

I try to keep doing what I need to do, working to handle what is before me. I can still find the energy to do what I need to do, to get done what needs doing for the day.

It’s not really LIVING, so much as it’s BASIC SURVIVAL.

One would expect more from a place like America, especially with all the hype.

Bad News Break: Mom got me a $10 desktop drum set for Christmas, so i did the honors of performing a drum solo on it.

I’m struggling to accept the fact that we are on a race to becoming a Third World Christian Theocracy, run by Christian Conservative Republican Domestic Terrorists.

Should that day come, I won’t be able to write anymore. I’ll have to go in hiding, under threat of execution. In some ways, I feel like I’m there already.

But maybe I WON’T go into hiding. Maybe I’ll speak my mind until they kill me. I can keep writing my thoughts freely, while constantly wondering if tonight is the night that they’ll break down my door while I’m sleeping.

The thing about all of this Christianity nonsense is that they believe they are working for a god, which means that they will do anything and everything to serve their invisible friend.

That’s terrifying; that people could be THAT stupid, gullible, and controllable.

There is no good way to end this one. I’m going to try.

I am remembering the old days, when I’d be able to have a job. Right now, I’d probably be at work, winding things down, getting projects to a good stopping point, and attending the little holiday gatherings in the office.

I’d be going to the company holiday party, have a few beers, talk to a few people, participate in a few activities.

December 12, 2012: At the lynda.com Christmas party with Catherine. This ended up being the last nice Christmas party that we would attend.

From there, I’d be looking forward to seeing my son, as well as driving through the Mojave desert to go to my mom’s house.

All of that is gone.


Catherine and I have separate bedrooms, but we are still working together for survival. It is IMPOSSIBLE for any ONE person to survive on their own in America. Ironically, a place that pushes “Rugged Individualism.”

I’d look forward to exchanging gifts, but be more concerned with spending time with the people I care about and taking a break from work.

It’s all gone.

I need to run to the store, so I’m going to end with that. While at the store, I won’t see ANYTHING that will inspire the holidays, beyond marketing campaigns to get me and others to buy things with money that we DO NOT have.

I’m not depressed, so do not worry about me in that regard. I am angry and upset, but not really all that hopeful. Worst of all, I don’t feel any sense of holiday spirit. No family. No community.

And it’s such a weird and foreign sensation. My mind is clear, my meds are helping me immensely, and I feel level-headed. I am grateful that depression isn’t sitting on me, crushing what little bit of positivity that I have remaining.

The irony is all of the Christians and Conservatives that whine about a “war on Christmas,” and they call out such lame things, like people saying “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

You know, the people who don’t want to be told what to do are busy telling others what to do. Their Fascist hypocrisy knows no bounds, and they don’t care. They don’t have human feelings.

They love to say “Jesus is the reason for the season,” while simultaneously pushing and promoting Black Friday and general commercialism, which is anti-Christian.

Not anymore, because America has made up its OWN brands of Christianity, with blackjack and hookers. That’s putting it mildly.

But if YOU are also in America and not feeling that Christmas spirit that you usually experience, then you MUST acknowledge who took that away from you.

It’s the Christian Conservative Republican Domestic Terrorists. They refuse to get vaccinated, and are responsible for allowing the virus to spread and remain alive.

While they whine about people saying, “happy holidays,” or complain about how Starbucks is destroying Christmas because they don’t have Baby Jesus on their disposable cups, and point to other NON-ISSUES that cause NO HARM, they are actually ignoring their OWN behaviors, which HAVE caused harm.

And I’ve written about all of THAT enough right now.

Because of THEM — the people who refuse to get vaccinated, refuse to wear masks, and refuse to otherwise take COVID seriously — travel is not advisable this Christmas, just like last year.

Many LOVED ONES are DEAD because of COVID, and it’s thanks to Trump and his minions, who DID NOT take it seriously at all. And when it got serious, they downplayed it.

People are DEAD because of these self-declared “good Christians,” who believe they won’t get sick because they are “based in the blood of the lamb.”

They have to TELL you that they are “good Christians” because NOBODY would ever guess it based on what they say and do.

They have no sympathy, no empathy, and no Humanity. They hide behind a cross, a bible, and a flag.

And THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for yet another year like this.

[I know that others may have it worse than us. I do not dismiss their suffering, and I want that to be addressed as well.]

They have taken away so much from so many, and they keep taking, and taking, and taking. And they DO NOT CARE that they are taking. They don’t care about other people. They don’t care about society. They don’t care about YOU.

These people want Diabetics to keep paying $1,000 per month for insulin, instead of passing a plan that would lower it to $35 per month. They want people to stay poor. They want the minimum wage to stay low. They want health care to remain unattainable for the majority. They want women to suffer and die if they have an ectopic pregnancy, because Baby Jesus. They want the wealthy to have more, and the poor to have less, when THEY make up the majority of the poor. They want children to do without, and only care about fetuses and the unborn because that’s the easiest.

Basically, they’re fucking monsters.

Since there is no good way to end this, I will be closing with a video that Vaush posted on Christmas 2020. He says it best, when talking about what they’ve taken from us, which is why I, like many others, do not have the Christmas spirit, and why we sometimes don’t have much in the way of hope.

Normally, I’d say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” But for this year, I hope that you can survive to see another day.

Look at the world. Look at what is going on. Look at WHO is doing WHAT. Stand up.

This is our last chance.

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