PS: Happy Rush Day!

Today is the 21st of December, or 2112.

That makes today Rush Day!

The first song I learned on electric guitar was “Fly By Night” by Rush. The first album where I sat and worked to learn all three parts as best I could was “Permanent Waves”by Rush.

Winter 1982: At grandma’s house, almost 18 years old, after having gone to see Rush on their Signals tour in early November. Drinking a cold Colt 45, because Rush Canadian Golden Ale had not yet been invented. Oh, how we suffered.

It’s a band that I’ve been listening to for the majority of my life.

If you love Rush as much as I do, then you’ll celebrate today. Maybe have a beer, or just watch some Rush videos.

I won’t be rambling too long in this one. Here are TWO Rush videos put together by my good friend and fellow drummer, Bobby Standridge.

The third video below was released today, and it’s an ad for Rush Canadian Golden Ale. Make it a great day!

Bobby spent 18 months on this and did it, not for pay, but for the love of drums, Neil Peart, and Rush. This
Rush actually HIRED Bobby to do this video.
These guys are clearly best of friends, and will be forever. RIP Neil Peart. Long live RUSH!

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