My 3 Favorite End-of-the-World Animations

The end of the world is not something that I actively look forward to witnessing. I am convinced that, as I write this, we are bearing witness to the beginning of it.

I say this, not in a religious sense, but in a practical sense. Greed of power and money has ramped up in America’s K-shaped economy and End-Stage Crony Capitalism. It seems that there is nothing that can be done about it, and nobody is standing up for the little people.

In fact, the powers-that-be are encouraging us to hate and fight each other. It’s a good distraction, so that no eyes are on them.

There is a difference in my attitude and that of the religious. American Christians actively look forward to the end of the world and they want it to happen sooner rather than later.

The reason America spends tens of billions of dollars every year to prop up Israel is simply because Israel must exist in order for Christian end-times prophecies in Book of Revelation to appear to be correct. It’s a detail that gives them a little, “See! I told you so!” before all of Mankind perishes.

It’s like Catholics naming every girl Mary, or Muslims naming every boy Mohammed. They do it JUST IN CASE their child is “the one.” There are two guys named Jesus working on my complex lawn right now.

Conversely, I see the end of the world not as some kind of religious signpost, but rather as something that we are doing to ourselves. Most people view the Earth as a stagnant thing, like a rock, when it is actually a living thing. We have been abusing the Earth and our environment for decades, and Earth and Nature are returning the favor with things like COVID-19.

None of this has to be this way. Our lives are being wasted because some people are addicted to power, and fearful of not having money. Money is a mutually-agreed-upon delusion that is the foundation of their power.

We are behaving like a virus, and the Earth is trying to shed itself of us. Certainly, even though there are a few good people here and there, the number is so small as to be negligible.

To be clear, all that I write comes from a place that is not stained with religious belief, or driven by unchecked depression.

The world looks the same as it did when my depression was driving my mind. The burden of depression was lifted with proper prescribed medication, and it did nothing to change how the world looks. It only lifted my depression, and does nothing to change what is actually happening in the world.

But enough about that.

Today, I am sharing my Top 3 favorite End-of-the-World animations, and what they mean to me.

1 of 3: PUNISHED BERNIE, by Aamon Animations
This 10-minute ride is packed full of top-notch animations that blow away anything that has been seen before. Beyond that, a great deal of excellence can be found in the writing, the production, the direction, the soundscape, and the epic soundtrack.

The piece follows Punished Bernie [Sanders] in a post-apocalyptic fantasy.

Many dark players are included in this offering, including Bill Gates, Mitch McConnell, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Joe Biden.

The other side of the same dirty coin. His efforts do nothing beyond slowing down our swirling around the toilet bowl, delaying the inevitable.

The more enlightened players include Bernie Sanders and Hasan “Hasanabi” “Haz” Piker, a Socialist YouTuber who is currently under fire by his financial supporters for purchasing a $2.3 million mansion in West Hollywood, California.

The powerful emotion of the script, combined with the epic soundtrack, makes for a unique kind of emotional rush that will blast you into orbit.

The music near the end is what really gets me.

2 of 3: CREAM, by David Firth
This one isn’t so much end-of-the-world, as it is about those who control us and our situation, which are the same people who are bringing out the demise of Humanity.

The story follows a scientist who invents a product called “Cream.” It fixes anything and everything, including death. Broken is no longer an issue or consideration.

Cream threatens to bring about peace and an end to human suffering. However, it also threatens to make money obsolete. The handful of people in power decide to take action to deal with the problems that Cream is causing for them. Screw the rest of society!

But will they succeed?

What would happen if all of our problems were Creamed away? You can watch and find out.

What would happen if all of our problems were solved?

This video takes such small and irrelevant things like humans, politics, religion, and other nonsense completely out of the equation.

This video contains some epic animation that shows various events in the solar system and galaxy that will occur as all of it ages.

Of course, most of this will happen long after humans no longer exist. Plus, it will take a long time. For this reason, they double the passage of time every five seconds. So when 100 billion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years passes, another 100 billion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years will pass. Then that double-up get doubled again in 5 seconds.

The end of everything takes 30 minutes to achieve with this method. A time counter shows on the screen, up to the point where time is irrelevant, everything is dark, cold, dead, and is stays that way for all of eternity.

Magnificent and Majestic.

I put these in a specific order for a specific reason. The first video highlights those people who are causing Humanity a great deal of grief. The second video focuses on the people, how they would benefit from a healthy society, and how the destructive people will deal with it, thereby dragging all of us down, back into the sewer.

But the third video leaves humans completely out of it. There are no discussions or focus on religion, politics, money, and other nonsense made up by hairless apes. Instead, it shows how Nature is going to take care of all of this for us in the end.

Additionally, the first two are fantasties based on things that are happening or situations we are experiencing. The third one is science-based and does not rely on idiot hairless apes to do anything. It highlights our utter irrelevance.

I do not look forward to the end of the world, or the demise of America, or our rapid social decay. I have loved ones and don’t want to see anything bad happen to them. But it’s going to happen anyway.

This self-curated series shows that the cruelty that is enacted by those in power is not only selfish, but it is also ultimately meaningless. They are cowards who are hoarding money because they know what’s going to happen.

They know what’s going to happen because they are the ones doing it.

I’m not talking about any conspiracies, either. It’s the rich and powerful taking from us, to enrich themselves. They’re destroying the environment, and the impact on the weather has already begun.

They keep us poor so that we are desperate and will work for cheap. They keep us poorly educated so that we can be more easily scared, and thus more easily controlled.

Planet Earth is tired of being infested with Humans, and is working to rid itself of the infection caused by Mankind.

If a god were watching over us, then I’d say it has a very sick view of morality and Humanity. But there are no gods watching over us. Nobody is driving the bus. The ride will come to an end for each of us individually, but also for the whole of Humanity.

For the billions of billion billion billion trillion trillion quintillion years that represent the survival of the universe, Mankind is present for only a small, insignificant fraction of time.

Certainly, a god would have done things differently. I’m not a god myself, although I do get asked for autographs at time. But if a god created all of this, then I’d think that it would have made us so that we would be able to work together and get along.

And, of course, we could eat pizza and chocolate bars all day and not get sick with Diabetes. That’s my personal fantasy, and I’m sticking to it.

Since there seems to be no gods watching over us, and I can’t think of any clever words to end this, the best I can offer up is some Bukowski. Be kind to each other.

Bukowski says it all. People are not good to each other.

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