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A Grocery Shopping Challenge

The grocery stores typically get filled up by around noon. For this reason, I’ll typically go at 6:00am, with an exception being made for when the pharmacy opens at 9:00am.

Being Autistic, and taking the public health crisis seriously, my goal is to go where there are the least amount of people.

Things have changed recently, however.

It seems that the anti-mask/anti-life people have figured out that they can go to the store at 6:00am and there will be fewer people to call them out on their misanthropic behaviors.

For this, it means traversing the store many times over what I would normally do. Like take the next aisle adjacent to the one I need, going to the end, and waiting for that person to leave.

For being pro-life Christians, they sure seem to not care about the health and welfare of others around them. This is why they have to TELL everyone that they’re “good Christians.” Because NOBODY would guess it based on what they say and do.

One work-around that I have easily identified is going to the store on Sunday between 8-11am, when everyone is in church.

As a special needs adult with an immunocompromised system, I find it most disheartening just how many people call themselves “good” while doing such horrific things, without one care in the world for anyone else but themselves.

I don’t want to spend too much time on that. I’ve written what I needed to write. So I suppose it’s time to wind things down with a cat photo or two.

Humans are getting what they deserve, and I am guilty by association.


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