Short: When Power is Sold

As an American citizen, I can tell you that ALL of our politicians — both Democrat and Republican — are SO bought-and-paid-for that they fart exact change.

As a result, we get a performance or type of entertainment, where the Republicans want to destroy the country and install a Fascist dictator, and the Democrats pretend to be the opposition. I call it “controlled opposition.”

What happens to the politician when they are bought?

There are a few things that happen. One is that they effectively hand over their power to those who bought them. For example, Joe Manchin is owned by a variety of corporations. This means that he does whatever they tell him. And they’ve told him to betray his constituents, as well as the whole of America, for his own personal financial gains.

Another is we, the people who vote, get a case of taxation without representation, while their corporate owners get to enjoy representation without taxation.

Finally, we, the American people, are effectively living in the nicest Third World slum that has ever existed. We are suffering the petulant greed of those who get paid $174,000 per year, who have the best medical insurance that WE can pay for, they get a HUGE break in the middle of the year, AND they do and achieve NOTHING for the people.

Absolutely fucking nothing.

The point of this short post is to share a video with my fellow Americans and friends who are reading this. The video shows Boris Johnson being mocked and held accountable by his peers.

This is something that we Americans NEVER get to see, and it felt really good watching it, so here we go. And thanks for reading!

Boris Johnson is an utter turd who is finally starting to get what he deserves. It’s not funny. It’s not entertaining.
He’s a dolt who was mucking up progress.

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