Back In Biz, Kinda

The replacement laptop showed up yesterday. It was by far better than I had anticipated. It has a touch screen, and it can bend backwards so that the screen can be used like a tablet.

It is missing things I would need to make this a complete replacement, such as a CD-ROM drive, which means I can’t install my old Photoshop CS3. It also does not appear to be powerful enough for music production. I may try my hand at video production in the near future.

For now, the main goal is to continue the setup and get the system to a point where it’s 100% usable. While I do that, I can watch Dr. Dawn Hughes [Forensic Psychologist] getting grilled by Johnny Depp’s legal defense.

Extra JPEG added to this photo for maximum drama.

So far as the Depp trial goes, I am going to wait until the entire thing is over, as I have a great deal of thoughts regarding this subject and how Domestic Violence is handled [and mishandled] in America.

This computer crash means that I currently do not have access to any music production files or software. I should also note that the external backup drive is also dead.

Indeed, these computer issues are bigger than I let on to be. And yet, my biggest accomplishment in all of this is that I did not lose my cool.

In short, rebuilding is in progress, and recovery will be happening at a later date.

Until then, thank you for reading and hanging out.

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