What Really Matters

This is a short tack-on to my previous entry about our broken system in America and the lies that are sold to perpetuate it. Most definitely, that is an entry that has lots of negative qualities. To some, it would sound like whining or making excuses. I suppose I didn’t want to end my morning on a negative note.

What really matters?

I cannot speak for anyone but myself. What matters is being healthy, having a place to live, something to eat, clean water, and a companion of some kind. This companion can be a friend, a group of friends, or even an significant others.

ALL of these things — these people and situations — are by far more important and more valuable than financial wealth or acquiring more power. All of it is more important than having a dream realized or validated. All of it is more important than America’s failed Capitalism model.

A conversation with a genuine friend who cares is more valuable than a Bentley limousine.

Hearing the honest truth and working within the boundaries of that truth, is preferred to struggling to reach an ideal or standard that is an utter lie.

With that, I will sit and breathe. I will reach out to those who are close. I will value my friends. I will make music when I feel like it, or engage in writing or any other activity that suits me. I will ignore the negativity that is baked into our toxic culture of productivity and exploitation.

Indeed, I will die penniless, unknown, and long forgotten. But by that point, I will be dead. Who cares?

We get this one life. So far as I can tell, there was nothing before this, and there will be nothing after. Thank goodness this is it, for this can be a major burden at times.

Those who are negative and judgmental can go be those things elsewhere. I have no space for them.

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Writing about drums, music, and philosophy.

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