The Depp/Heard Trial, and Those Who Are Watching

This is a short addendum to my previous post, but it can stand alone if you haevn’t yet read that.

As I write this, I am watching an attorney [Emily D. Baker] live-streaming along with the live trial stream, adding commentary and asking questions. There are LOTS of people live-streaming, making clips, commentary, and even memes.

There was concern expressed by some, where it is suggested that a good portion of people are watching this as a form of entertainment.

Yes, there are some who are watching this for entertainment, and on the surface I am not comfortable with that. I am also not comfortable with people cheering on Johnny Depp simply because they are star-struck.

The above things DO happen! There is no doubt on my mind.

As disgusting as those things may be, the thing that gives me comfort is the fact that people will also experience the process and the outcome.

My prediction is that Johnny Depp will win. At the same time, his team will still have to press past the favorable female bias that exists in the law and society.

The hard truth is that innocent men rarely win these types of cases.

It is time for our society to turn things around and focus on the facts and details, instead of defaulting to male guilt and female innocence.

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