“Buying Stuff” by Hot Dad: Fretless 5-String Bass Treatment

It was a rainy day today, so I got a major bug in my brow and decided to test out my “new” set-up with regard to making videos. By “new,” I mean a different configuration of existing gear, but without the powerful desktop computer.

Samsung Note 9 [VIDEO]
Ibanez GWB35 Gary Willis Signature Fretless 5-String Bass
BOSS WL-T Wireless
BOSS GT-3 Tuner
Fender Rumble 40 Bass Amp
BOSS BR-800 Digital 8-Track [AUDIO]
Dell Inspiron 7706 2n1
CyberLink PowerDirector 365 [VIDEO PRODUCTION]

Basically, I used my phone to shoot the video. The bass was recorded into the BR-800, and yea, that’s it.

This is my first time editing using this particular style. It can only get better from here. But enough of this. Please enjoy. This was actually fun!

EDIT: I forgot that I’ve done this type of editing before, but it was long ago on the video titled “Bass Study: “Invincible” breakdown by Pat Benatar,” from December 4, 2019, back when we all lived in a completely different world.

Thank you for watching, and for following my mess of a blog. It has been a journey.

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