Facebook Still Sucks, and an AI Music Video

For those who are regular readers, you know my story. For those who are new, long story short, I quit Facebook back in mid-2014, returned in mid-2019, then quit and re-joined a few more times after that. I most recently got back on maybe two months ago.

My struggles with staying on Facebook are many. The big points include the horrible political garbage, the misinformation, and how mean people can be.

Plus, for a social networking website, it’s not really all that social at all.

The Update: By now, I have amassed a whopping 19 whole friends. These are people I knew in the past. I added a few of them; those being the ones with whom I had an actual, real friendship. The rest, however, had to send ME a friend request.

This was because I didn’t want to be the one inviting myself into a connection that is worthless. Too many people out there amass hundreds of “friends,” maybe interact with a dozen, and mostly get ignored.

So I’ve posted a few things here and there. My goal is to share my own creations and/or start up conversations. I got one decent conversation about beer. Outside of that, I am mostly ignored, as is the case with everyone else.

Posting too much will look like I am in need of attention. I’d much prefer a conversation with an actual friend over attention.

I did have one decent conversation with an old friend. Not just any friend, but the guy who taught me how to play guitar in fifth grade. We met playing trumpet together in grade school band. I had a captive audience, since he’s got COVID… again.

He did say that he valued our friendship and hoped that it continues. That was a cool moment.

That said, Facebook fking sucks. I question every single thing that I consider posting. So I’ve decided to not post anymore, and instead just check in once in a blue moon. I have other things to do.

Tibo Bat, sleeping with his eyes open. He sleeps on his back to air out his hyper-fluffy tum-tum.

There’s no good way to end this one. Instead of it being just a short complaint about something that everyone already knows by now, I’m adding this video that was generated by Artificial Intelligence. The music and video combo are stellar and I can’t stop watching and listening.

So enjoy, and I’ll see you next time.

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