Watching the 1/6 Hearings

I have been watching the 1/6 Committee hearings since the first one aired late last week. As someone who lives in America, I am very concerned about the future of the country and I want to see those who have violated our country to pay for what they have done.

For me, it’s NOT a case of tribalism. I have NO loyalty to any group of humans. Being Autistic, I stand alone in most aspects of my life, and I have never felt represented by either party at any time in my life, ever.

Sure, there are people who make it tribal. Most of them are Republicans. They engage in most of the “othering” of humans, from the poor to Democrats. They veiw the poor as being criminals, because they want being poor to be a crime. They view Democrats as Satan-worshipping pedos who eat and fk babies.

They believe this because this is what they are told. Being Christian, they believe it without questioning it. And they will NEVER question any of it because they have been primed to believe that questioning equals not believing, or not having faith, or going against the tribe.

Obviously, I disagree with the Republicans who either have their heads in the sand or are aggressively being wilfully ignorant.

I also disagree with Liberals who may believe that, finally, the Republicans wil see the errors of their ways and become sane adults who will follow the rules. WRONG! They are in the minority and cannot win an election without redlining, or utilizing the electoral college. Remember that ex-government employee Donald LOST the popular vote BOTH TIMES, but was made president by the electoral college.

Liberals MUST understand that they know what they are doing, and they do not care. They will do whatever they think is necessary to acquire and hold power, because they believe a god is on their side.

Superstitious tribalism is literally KILLING America.

I want to keep this short, so it doesn’t turn into a rant, and I don’t want my points to get lost in it all.

With regard to the voters who supported or continue to support ex-government employee Donald, I find their behaviors to be strange. It’s bad enough that they find it acceptable to receive “owning the libs” as a fair trade in exchange for the taxes they pay. Maybe they don’t pay taxes, but it’s weird when using the fair assumption that they pay taxes.

Expect MORE for your tax dollars! And do NOT fear making the roads better [and other infrastructure needs]. I suspect they don’t want anything to get fixed for the same reason they don’t want ANYTHING done that helps the American people. It’s because they’re afraid that a non-white, non-straight, or non-Christian might accidentally benefit from any of it. So they’ll drive in potholes to make sure those “others” have to suffer.

Most strange of all, I find it very curious that ex-government employee Donald told his voting base – to their faces! – that he “loves the poorly educated,” and in response to this they cheered, they voted for him, and they are sending him money.

They have clearly forgotten that he promised them during his campaign that he would never ask them for money because, as he put it, “I’m really rich.”

We might be talking about your savings, or retirement, or disabililty, or the last of your money here, but if you are sending money to a self-declared billionaire because he’s telling you scary things that you can’t even bothered to check out and find to be untrue, then you have a serious problem.

Fortunately, this problem brings actual PAIN to those who go along with it.

With regard to the future of ex-government employee Donald, he is in a real pickle now. He may try to declare ignorance; that he didn’t know what was going on. This won’t work for him, as he talked about his intelligence, linking it to his self-declared “good genes.” He even said, “I have a very big… uh, brain.”

He also bragged online about his IQ.

The biggest reason why it won’t work is because his ego is too big and fragile. Remember that Narcissism is a serious affliction, and NOT something to be admired or worshipped. And while his Narcissism has worked for him in the past, it will not work for him in this situation, where honesty and being humble are important qualities. Those are qualities that he does not have.

IN CLOSING, AS A NOTE TO DONALD SUPPORTERS, I write NONE OF THIS in an effort to mock those who voted or otherwise support ex-government employee Donald. Unlike those on the Right, I refuse to laugh when a FELLOW AMERICAN is distressed. I refuse to mock, or laugh, or declare that I told you so.

He lied to you about so many things that it is impossible to determine where to start. He lied about not ever asking you for money. He lied about being as richi as he is, because he has spent so much energy hiding his numbers. He lied about being a Christian. He lies about being a Republican, as he has voted Democrat his entire life AND donated to Hillary Clinton campaigns TWICE.

He lies about open borders. He lies about America being under attack by the others. He lied about the election being stolen. He lied about “illegals” being brought here to vote. He lied about large-scale voter fraud. He lied about everything.

He lied about everything.

He lied about everything.

He lied about everything.


It’s okay to admit that you were wrong. It is essential to your mental health and future to admit this. I won’t be laughing when you do. What I WILL be doing is hoping that you’ve learned something from this, and that the country can move forward in a more healthy direction.

Oh, and if your fellow America is upset about something, DO NOT laugh at them. Do not take joy in it. Do not believe that you’ve “owned” them. Be compassionate and ask them why they’re upset.

Stop being childish. There is too much at stake.

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