A Weird Brand of Insult

Consider the fact that the person levying the insult against me knows my entire background.

They know that I started in computer rentals in 1987. In this role, I would configure, test, and repair customized computer systems. From here, I would teach software packages to professionals in 1989.

I got online in 1992, and I would write my own bots to pull information I was seeking from multiple sources, before things like Google were available and efficient.

Flashing forward to more recent and bigger highlights: I worked at MySpace from 2005-2008, when the website saw unprecedented growth and was, at the time, THE biggest website in the entire world.

From there, I worked in Tech as a freelance QA Engineer, performing mobile testing, as well as website testing. I also worked at lynda.com for FIVE years, and the last year of that had me also working at Linkedin.

To add even MORE context to it all, the offending person also knows that I have a type of OCD with regard to my email. As I write this, there is nothing in my Inbox, there is nothing in my Spam folder, and nothing in the Trash. My Spam folder is CONSTANTLY being checked and cleaned out. I see EVERY single email heading before I clean it out.

So consider my position when corresponding with a person who knows me this well, and when I let them know that I did NOT receive their email, their reply to me — with a straight face, no less — involves the following statement:

“Maybe it ended up in your Spam folder. Did you check that?”

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Writing about drums, music, and philosophy.

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