Big Trouble on the Horizon

This entry will be brief, as I wish to get right to the point. In America, we’ve had some freedoms taken away by Right-wing Christian Theocrats, including those who LIED UNDER OATH in order to gain their positions on the Supreme Court.

The lives of women are at risk. With women’s rights going out the door, they plan on going after ALL birth control, gay marriage, and interracial marriage.

These “Christians” want to turn America into a “Christian Nation,” a Theocracy where white heterosexual Christian men live above the law, while everyone else must adhere to the law.

As for the Atheists, non-Christians, or even the WRONG type of Christians, they will need to be removed from civil society to protect the “good Christians.” This involves putting the “others” into prison work camps.

These Christians claim that they want a moral society.

What constitutes a “moral society” includes the likes of Naasón Joaquín García, a megachurch pastor, who was convicted of sexually assaulting three minors. He got only 16 years in prison. In a Christian Theocracy, he wouldn’t even see the inside of a court room.

One of his underaged victims talked about how she was raped by him. Adding insult to injury, when the news came out, her parents FORCED HER TO GO TO CHURCH TO PRAY FOR HER RAPIST.

There is NOTHING moral about that.

What’s going on right now in America is disgusting, and utter filth. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the testimony of one of his victims, where she talks through her tears about the entire situation, inclucing the psychotic things her Christian parents made her do because they are Christians.

Listen to her story through her tears and then try telling me that I’m wrong about this.

When someone tells me they’re a Christian, Atheist, or anything else, I always remember that what a person believes or does not believe tells me NOTHING about a person’s character or morality.


This is why I vote Blue, instead of staying home and being mad that I’m not represented.

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