Clarification of my Domino’s Post

I am writing this short because I can hear the mindless criticism of yesterday’s post, because there are some people out there who are so thick that they would almost instantly miss the entire point of the post.

What would their criticism sound like?

“Oh, you poor thing! You have to tell someone your address to get pizza? What a big baby? What a loser! Sounds like a big First World problem, you big baby.”

Well, for anyone who actually thinks this, congrats on missing the point. I’ll spell it out.

For those whose position is that I’m being a big baby about this situation, congrats on not understanding the various features of disability that come with Autism.

One of the big features of Autism is being almost perpetually misunderstood. And there you are, as Exhibit A.

Every person is different, so I can only speak for myself. That said, a large number of Autistic adults suffer from major anxiety issues related to the phone.

So giving people information over the phone verbally hardly ever works out. For example, every time I move I have to set up new services, just like everyone. And, just like everyone else, I have to call and give them information, such as the address and my name.

Without exception, EVERY SINGLE COMPANY has gotten my last name wrong, and it stays wrong until I can either write to them OR go into a store and put my ID on the counter.

Recently, I called my cable internet provider about an equipment upgrade they sent to me. I let them know that my last name was wrong on the account. I spent TEN MINUTES working with her to spell my name properly, as she was mishearing EVERY SINGLE LETTER.

I just went and checked. They spelled it wrong again, in a completely new way.

Anyone who believes that I’m being a whiny spoiled brat is showing all of us that they have NO understanding of Autism AND no care or concern for ANYONE who is different from them.

Ironically, THEY are being big babies about the challenges that others face. Get some empathy. Grow up.

The drivers are not being supported properly or paid enough. Their plan is to cut driver jobs, and replace some of them with call centers, while promoting the idea of picking up the pizza for yourself.

From February 1, 2022

I don’t mind price increases. What DOES bother me is the workers getting fucked over as a thank-you for their hard work and dedication.

But after the call center people get rid of the of a good portion of the drivers, they will replace those call center people with call centers in other countries. This is because America workers are too expensive.

I shouldn’t have to explain that the disparity between what a person is paid and what a person is worth is called profit. The more you pay an employee, the more it cuts into profits.

American Capitalism CANNOT funciton as expected, so long as workers expect to actually be paid..

Because American businesses are NO LONGER interested in serving a community. They care about increasing profits. And it’s no longer good enough that they are super-ultra-mega-fucking rich. They want to be even MORE rich, and they don’t care who suffers or dies for them to get there.

Click to view a YouTube Clip: “And with both parties in our pockets, we can sacrifice our workesr to become gods among men.”

A small mind will read what I wrote and walk away with a negative opinion about someone they’ve inappropriately judged, because they cannot comprehend a bigger picture.

But those who are intelligent, meaning they’re also capable of thinking, recognizing and processing nuance, and understanding, will get the big picture.

Yes, I am writing about my experience. And also yes, I am writing about how it applies to the big picture.

Oh, and on a side note, if you go to the YouTube profile for Domino’s Pizza, they have ALL of the comments turned off EVERYWHERE. This means they don’t care what their customers think. They don’t want to hear it, and cannot be bothered.

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