Intelligence: Two IQ Bombs You Can Use

Being intelligent does not mean that you’re perfect, or that you don’t make mistakes. But it does mean that you have the ability to learn from your mistakes.

There is one big mistake that I’ve been making for a long time, and I’ve found a way to avoid this mistake in the future.

That mistake involves attempting to have intelligent conversations with people who are actually not capable of engaging in an intelligent conversation. After they’d not understand me, I’d get upset. That’s about as smart as trying to show photos to a blind person, and then getting upset about why they can’t see.

Yes, intelligent people can do stupid things.

With that, I’ve devised TWO different IQ Bombs that you can use early in a conversation to determine whether or not you should continue the conversation.

For ease of explanation, I will focus on the American Christian Republican.

One of the cornerstones of people who have lesser intelligence is that they do not have the capacity to understand nuance.

Nuance, as a noun, is defined as: A subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound.

Everything to them is either black or white. It’s either good or evil. It’s either a 10 or a 1. There is no gray area.

As an example, whenever anyone mentions “reasonable gun laws,” they will instantly get upset and carry on about how people are “trying to take their guns away.” It’s not what is said, but that’s what they hear.

So if you suggest that maybe we should require some firearm safety training before a purchase, for example, they will instantly go in defense mode, and become incapable of having a conversation.

The undestanding of nuance is essential to making a good apples-to-apples analogy, so this could be considered a subset of nuance.

If you attempt to talk to a Christian Republican about the January 6 [2021] insurrection, they will immediately jump to a really bad analogy, by comparing that to an ANTIFA protest.

To them, those two events are precisely, exactly the same, because it’s people marching and there’s some violence. Then, of course, they follow that up with the very childish and stupid argument of, “Well, THEY did it, so WE can do it, too.”

Nope. Ted Bundy killed a bunch of women, so that would not make it okay for me to do that.

What are the differences between those two events?

With the ANTIFA marches, they were protesting the questionable potency of their civil rights. They’re also protesting against fascists. Protests are protected by The Constitution. Of course, they believe that protests are only good and valid when they do it. But I digress.

When ANTIFA marched, there were some violent incidents. Some may have been caused by “members,” while others may have been opportunities, and some could have been infiltrators from the Right. Regardless, the number of people engaging in violence and destructive behavior was not very big.

And no, they DID NOT “burn Portland to the ground.” It’s still there. I’ve been there. Any damage that happened was fixed quickly. It’s still there. It did not burn to the ground.

So, now that we’ve established the essence of the ANTIFA civil rights protests, what about the 1/6 gathering? After all, Christian Republicans will also tell you that these are both cases of large groups of people gathering, so they are the same.

The are not.

With the 1/6 crowd, this was a case of a planned armed insurrection to interrupt the counting of electors, which is a Constitutionally protected activity. They brought weapons. They had plans. They knew where they were going. They stormed the Federal building, with plans of violence from the beginning, as is proven in the 1/6 hearings.

This was done in an effort to overthrow the United States government, so they could install ex-government employee Donald as dictator.

They set out to cause harm, as they indicated they wanted to “kill” AOC and Nancy Pelosi.

They wanted to “hang Mike Pence.”

There is a BIG difference between a protest where some people engage in violence or destruction, with the majority being peaceful, AND an armed insurrection attempting to overthrow the United States government.

Big, big difference, and yet they cannot see it because they lack the intelligence to understand it. So when they make a false equivalency like this, it is mad on my part to get angry because they don’t understand.

The hard truth is they cannot understand. They are lacking in the intelligence that is necessary to understand.

While I am not suggesting that all Christian Republicans are lacking in the intelligence required to engage in civil, productive conversation, there are enough of them to make it a highly concerning issue.

Like many other things, stupidity and intelligence both live on a spectrum. It’s not a hard Einstein vs. a hard mouth breather. But there are enough of the stupid to make it an issue.

How stupid are they?

When ex-government employee Donald was running for 2016, he said something to his live audience while he was in Nevada in late February 2016.

“I love the poorly educated.”

In this situation, ex-government employee Donald was calling his supporters stupid, TO THEIR FACES. What did they do in response.

They did what any stupid person would do. They CHEERED right after he said it. They voted for him. Some tried to overthrow the United States government for him.

And many have sent him over one quarter of one billion dollars for a PAC that does not exist! They are sending him money even though he told them that he would NEVER be asking them for money because, as he put it, “I’m really rich.”

I hate recognizing a problem with no clear solution in sight. Early in this post, I compared by attempts to engage in intelligent conversation with them to be like trying to show pictures to a blind person, and then getting angry because they cannot see the pictures.

That leaves the question wide open: How do we show these pictures to the blind?

Maybe new terminology would help. For example, they’re afraid of words that they do not understand, and one of those words is “Communism.” Christian Republican leadership will throw that word out to get their base upset, angry, and afraid. This includes talking about something that has NOTHING to do with Communism.

If you wanted to talk about Communism with them [it’s not a topic I care about], there would be a problem in that bringing up the word would instantly shut them down and put them on the defensive attack.

One work-around would be to talk with them about the features and benefits of “Super Capitalism.” That’s a completely made-up phrase, but they would not know that.

Regardless of the topic, avoiding the precise terminology might allow some discussion.

But for me, as an Autistic adult, it might be better to bail out once they fail these IQ bomb tests, at least for now. So when I engage someone in conversation, I can easily test them. If they show signs of being incapable of understanding nuance or equitable comparisons, then it’s time for me to bail out.

Maybe down the road, someone might figure out an effective way to have a conversation with them about topics without scaring them into their natural reactionary state. So long as it helps people communicate, I am all for it.

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One thought on “Intelligence: Two IQ Bombs You Can Use

  1. Been thinking a lot about people who are blind to the truth. Perhaps ECT might help. According to the Mayo Clinic, “ECT seems to cause changes in brain chemistry that can quickly reverse symptoms of certain mental health conditions.”

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