Updates: Drumming, Writing, and Cats

It sure has been quite a while since my last piece on here. Some things have been happening, and I finally have the time and space to share a bit of it.

Most of my time over the course of this past month was spent drumming on three new songs by Noodle Muffin. They are still in early draft stages.

Song name info has been redacted.

Depression had kept me away from Reaper, Addictive Drums 2, and everything else for years. I’d let my Reaper license expire. It’s still expired, but still usable, and I plan on reactivating as soon as I can.

There were a few things to figure out, such as mapping the pads on the AKAI MPD18, how to program in Reaper like on a drum machine, and more.

Tibo Bat, Producer Cat, making sure the beats are fresh and purrfect!

So when I was asked if I could submit some tracks, I just said “yes” and then proceeded to work on figuring things out. My mental and emotional state is such that I can hit frustrating roadblocks or mindblocks, and not get upset. I don’t feel the boiling beneath my skin. There has been improvement.

Once I had these things figured out, I was able to submit my first track. As it stands now, all three tracks have had second drafts submitted. I get some notes back, as well as lots of praise.

G was concerned that we’d not be communicating well via email. But when you’ve been drumming and making music with someone for over 20 years, there is a bit of an unspoken understanding. By this point, I have a truly strong idea of what he wants. Plus, it helps that I’ve been guiding their drumming style for the past two decades.

And it’s extra helpful that both G and I have similar drumming sensibilities.

It is truly invigorating to be drumming for songs again, even if it’s finger drumming.

I have decided to write a new book. It will be a collection of thoughts and ideas. It will be formatted just like “The Trouble With Being Born” by Emil Cioran. His formatting of this book was considered to be highly unconventional at the time.

Sample page from “The Trouble With Being Born,” by Emil Cioran. So meme-able!

Today, I view this formatting as a selling point, to appeal to people who love to read memes. No story to follow, no plot to remember, no characters to grow. I won’t try to describe the book beyond this. I’ll be posting some clips and updates here, as I move along.

Tibo Bat just turned 3 years old on 9/9/2022. He has gotten really big, and has grown from a tiny razor-clawed terror, to a gentle giant. He weighs about 20 pounds now.

Too fluffy!
Just hanging out on the corner.
Lookin’ like a double-wide surprise…got-DAYUM!

As for Rascal T. Brat, the 15-year-old Goodest Good Boy Emeritus, he’s doing just fine.

Defender of the drums
The eyes have it
True story!
He’s got fans! You can follow Tibo Bat on Instagram at “tibobat_mco”
Rascal T. Brat takes the penthouse of the kitty condo, while Tibo Bat takes up the bunker.

There have been some set-backs here and there. However, the big picture is looking as good as possible, for the time being.

If you’ve made it this far, then I’d like to thank you for reading, and for being here and being around. Thank you for your patience during this time of mental health transitioning into a better realm.

If you like what I write, then please consider sending a one-time donation to me via PayPal. Please use the following link and click SEND to donate, and thank you for reading! https://paypal.me/drumwild

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