Finger Drumming, and Update

The situation appears very real.

I “went to sleep” in LA in 2014 and ended up in Oregon by 2019. Went through a pandemic, civil unrest, an attempted overthrow by a dictator, and I even started a Facebook account. The world had gone mad.

Even worse, the landlod of my new place lied when she said I could play and record drums in the garage. It’s connected to other garages and there are no electrical outlets. That’s not to say I didn’t try, by doing it anyway and using battery power. But I digress.

After ALL of this, roughly 8 years later, I’m getting the sense that I have returned to a relatively healthy mental state. I’ve even rediscovered my interest in creating music, which I struggled to maintain by making a series of cover videos for bass and guitar.

November 14, 2019

Because learning a song takes as much effort as writing one.

Now, I wake up from this nightmare and find that I’m living in a creative desert. Finding musicians, venues, etc., is nearly impossible in a small town. And Portland is just too filthy, dangerous, and an hour away.

But then something cool happened. I wrote a bit about it in an entry from 8 days ago. Long story short, Dj Phat Pigeon asked me if I could track drums. I said that I’d look into it, which I did, and I ended up having the capacity.

My first finger drumming track of 2022, or ever.

Last time I wrote, I noted 3 tracks that needed drumming. As I write this now, I have completed six songs with regard to drums. By “completed,” I mean that I have the work done, but there may be a few last-minute changes.

On the last song I finished, I got a note back saying that he might not have ANY notes or corrections on this one.

This works, even though we are 1,000 apart, because we spent the better part of 20 years working on music together. The last 8 were difficult, but I engaged as much as I could and did participate. But I was in a more passive role.

May 2008: DrumWild, tracking guitar with DJ Phatt Pigeon

Now I’m back in a more aggressive and assertive way. And with those 20 years of experience, I have a handle on what he would like to hear.

I AM a part of the Noodle Muffin sound.

With all of this, I have entered the world of finger drumming. While not exactly the same as hitting drums with sticks, it brings about a new challenge. Most people my age don’t like new challenges, but I have embraced this one

I basically dedicate at least one hour per day to finger drumming along with songs I know and like. Over time, my abilities will improve. It’s how I learned drums, guitar, bass, and keyboard when I was a kid.

Late 70s: Learning by doing, correcting, and doing again.

I consider learning the MPC drum pads to be a new instrument. Learning a new instrument has its frustrating and “not fun” moments. I remember learning string bass in college. Being in the music hall, alone in a cold room at 7:30am on a Monday, dragging a bow across the strings, wondering when I’ll ever use this instrument.

Over time, I got good enough to play.

Tracking banjo with Noodle Muffin. It was my first time holding a banjo.

Drum pads for finger drumming have their down-side. I have to build some new types of callouses beyond what I have for guitar. Hitting these pads can be rough, and it has caused my fingertips to dry up and crack. The “Gloves in a Bottle” is doing its best.

It’s bad enough that it’s hard to write. So I’ll leave you with a video of David “Fingers” Haynes, one of the first and best finger drummers out there.

Thanks to everyone who reads and who shows support. I do very much appreciate it.

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2 thoughts on “Finger Drumming, and Update

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post, and the videos were the icing on the cake. Man, David Haynes is killin’ it. You can tell that Nathan East is having a blast!

    Liked by 1 person

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