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Facebook Sucks, and It’s Making Me Tough

I’ve made no secret about my struggles with Major Depressive Disorder, fueled by High-Functioning Autism. It’s something that kept me from participating in social things, including being online, for years and years.

I had left Facebook in mid-2014, not returning until mid-2019, and ended up deleting my account and starting a new one 2-3 times.

Long story short [if that’s ever possible with me], I spent my entire life not knowing about my MDD or Autism. I suffered a great deal of religious social abuse from Christians while growing up in the Midwest, and all of it has weighed heavily. On top of this is the trauma of those abusive voices growing in number, getting behind a Christian Fascist Nazi regime.

Be clear about it, those people want me dead. That’s not hyperbole or an exaggeration. They literally want me to be a dead person who never exists. And for the longest time, I was prepared to give them what they wanted.

Not anymore.

This morning, I posted a TB [Throwback Thursday] of a photo of me in 1979, holding a Van Halen II record.

I also wrote a text about the times. I ended up writing about all of time, from then until now, with a predicted future, followed by a flippant closing in order to bring a level of ridiculousness and humor to my post.

We’ll get to what the person wrote, as well as my response, later.

My attempt at humor here involved the justaposing of the plight of Humanity with the existence of Van Halen II in the Midwest.

I didn’t stop to think that it wouldn’t be funny to someone who makes their entire identity all about their religioni, their politics, and their utter hatred and contempt of The Other.

Othering involves putting people who are different from you into groups, laying weak and sometimes racist generalizations against ALL of them, and blaming them for problems.

It’s why the phrase “those people” is very offensive. It’s a symptom of Othering.

The purpose of Othering is to first demonize and dehumanise The Others. Once this has been accomplished, it helps the group engaging in Othering to be okay with harming or killing anyone who is in that group.

It’s a way of casting blame.

In America, as the wealthy rob all of us blind, while the stupid cheer for them in full support, one would wonder how the wealthy are getting away with this.

They use Othering to achieve their goal.

So they’ll point to a group, demonize them, dehumanize them, and get THEIR tribe to view them as The Others.

Then they are blamed for absolutely everything.

This achieves two goals. The first goal is to draw attention AWAY from those who are robbing us blind; those who are redistributing wealth into their own pockets. As a side benefit, it also achieves the goal of bringing hatred and voilence to The Others, who are typically hated because of their skin color, religions beliefs [or lack thereof], where they are from, or any other identifying attribute.

This gives the space to comfortably rob all of us and not see any consequences for it. This is because they’ve enraged their followers, to the point that they can’t even think and just lash out.

With Fascism, there are 14 clear features [source]:

Relevant to my point, some of these are connected to Othering. In particular, there is #8: “The enemy is both strong and weak.”

A great example of this type of talk is when they speak in the same breath about how “the lazy Mexicans are here to steal your jobs.”

Since WHEN do lazy people go about stealing jobs? I thought they were lazy?

They do this in order to generate confusion.

They will sometimes use this on people who are aligned with them as well, possibly to generate confusion. An example of this is the horrific monster who attacked Paul Pelosi in his home recently.

On the one hand, they called it a “gay lover’s spat,” thereby demonizing the guy who was there as a gay lover. To them, being gay is bad and they use the word as an insult, because they are immature children.

Then, on the other hand, they talk about this “HERO” who broke in, and how someone needs to bail this “hero” out of prison.

So, what is he? Is he Pelosi’s gay lover, or is he a MAGA hero?

They love confusion.

While I don’t like Nancy Pelosi and can’t defend Democrats in general, they’ve alway been the lesser of two evils. Beyond that I CANNOT condone causing harm to others.

The Christian Republcian Domestic Terrorists do not agree with me on this.

I figured that my humor would upset someone who has had their mind twisted to the point that they’ll unleash whatever is rattling around in their noggin.

I’ve seen big fights break out in YouTube comments because people were so upset they couldn’t read the video title properly, and their arguments were based on assumptions they made, which weren’t written or noted anywhere.

Someone did jump on it, and this is what they said, along with my response.

Everything that he wrote was completely predictable and is textbook.

He has clearly lost his handle on reality, and is looking to get uncivil with someone from “The Others” as quickly as possible. His arrogance and lack of self-awareness are evident in what he wrote. He even chips in a bit of conspiracy talk.

It was important that I respond to this, instead of react. So I told him that I refuse to engage anything that he wrote, and wished him luck. Then I put him on a list so that he won’t see anything that I post anymore. If he’s adventurous enough, he’ll seek out my website, find my blog, find this post, and then get upset.

I don’t care.

Let’s suppose that I wrote something, and I can write a lot! What would it achieve, beyond getting those words out of my system? He wouldn’t comprehend anything I was saying. The fact alone that I would be saying those things would be enough for him to shut down and ignore me, and then continue ranting his fascist Nazi garbage.

In the past, I would have seen this comment and would have started my reaction with a panic attack. I’d be worried that I’d be losing a friend, or I’d be worried that I wouldn’t be able to defend my own positions. I’d also be basically afraid of confrontation in general, which rules above all other concerns.

In the past, I would have also deleted my profile.

I didn’t delete my profile. I didn’t have a panic attack. I didn’t stress out at all.

Instead, I realized that I’m still here and I’m okay. This was something I could never see through my MDD and Autism.

I am ready to stand up to Christian Republican Fascist Nazi Terrorists.

I won’t be going out to cause trouble, or start conspiracies, or make plans of any sort that would cause anyone harm.

I am ready to stand up for America, and myself.

He could very well go back to his hive [Facebook groups] and have them go on the attack. I have no concerns about that at all. I feel fine.

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