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Weight Loss, Music, Positivity, and Facebook Still Sucks

Instead of philosophizing and pontificating on one specific topic, this entry will be a standard update on what’s going on. I have a few friends who read here, but are NOT on Facebook. I want them to know what is going on, so that they can understand that I am in a relatively good place.

Let’s go!

First on the list! I have been losing a great deal of weight, and I can say that once this train starts rolling, it’s easy to guide it and keep it going if you’re focused and paying attention.

Before I started losing weight, my weight would hover between 245 and 265. It seemingly didn’t matter what I did. I couldn’t break 245.

What made this an additional bummer was that I had a co-worker at MySpace in 2007 who said that he’d give up cigarettes if I could get below 200 pounds. But sitting at my desk for 12 hours per day, and eating at the MySpace cafeteria [pasta and bread dishes] only made things worse.

I worked at MySpace for 3 years, and all I have to show for it is Type 2 Diabetes.

It seems that I need to get a message to my former co-worker, albeit 15 years late.

What’s it like to lose roughly 67+ pounds, and counting?

None of my pants fit me anymore. You’ll see a video clip later in this entry, and you can notice my pants are hanging off me, and I’m swimming in them.

I can wear shirts that I previously couldn’t even consider.

I have to get new underwear and pants in the very near future. Maybe I can do a trade of all of my old clothes for a few outfits of “new” stuff. We’ll see. I hope to be able to post about a clothing haul in the near future.

It’s that time of year for me, when music takes on a different feeling. There’s nothing like plucking around on an acoustic guitar while there is 3 feet of snow outside. We don’t have the snow yet, but it’s on the schedule.

I’ve been working on NINE new songs, most of which will end up belonging to Noodle Muffin. I’ve done drums on ALL of the tracks, but have also provided 5-string fretless bass and synthesizer on a few tracks.

For one of my tracks, I wrote a very interesting bass line. Having written and recorded with the band for 20+ years, I know how to give then what pulls on their heart strings.

My bass line was VERY slidy, and it had moments of discord that I liked. DJ Phatt Pigeon wrote back to let me know that the bass line wasn’t touching upon all of the chords, in the way that he wanted, so I went back to the drawing board.

After 5 different tries, I finally came up with a combo of TWO bass lines, one of which moved about within the notes of the chords, and the other had a series of sliding 2-note chords.

DJ Phatt Pigeon loved it, but he said that he loved my first offering so much that he’s going to re-write the chords of the song so that they match my bass line.

As musicians and their craft goes, this is a very high compliment.

I’m currently standing by, ready to receive production notes that I can follow, so that I can tweak or re-record parts to better fit. So I’ve started playing other covers.

You might remember my YouTube “Short,” where I performed a segment of I Dont Want To Wait Anymore by The Tubes on piano.

To keep myself sharp, I spent some time focusing on the guitar solo, this has gotten over 2,100 views and roughly 40 likes in approximately 12 hours, which is uncommon for me.

I’m swimming in these pants!!!

Music makes me happy. That and writing are the two things i have to offer. Not everyone will like it or even care, and that’s the case for everyone. I just do my thing. No big deal.

That positive mental attitude is no joke. No malarkey. Presidential impressions aside, it really does change how things are perceived.

It’s not that toxic positivity, where you have to be happy, cheerful, and positive, no matter what is going on. I don’t play that game.

Weight loss has helped quite a bit. I used to hate going to sleep because the fat around my neck felt like it was trying to strangle me. I don’t have that anymore

I used to get winded tying my shoes, because bending over would push my gut into things and cause me to lose my breath. Now I can bend over, and stay there until the shoe is tied. I have 3 pair of new shoes that I bought years ago but never wore, because I didn’t want to have to tie them. So weight loss is a reward in this arena.

Of course, cruel people [mostly men] would call me “fat” on YouTube. I need to make a new video to show my weight loss, before letting them know that I am not into guys, no offense, it’s just not me, so they should go try to drool over some other guy.

They’re miserable people, and I might write about them later. To give you a hint, they always complain, always judge, and are never happy, no matter what you do.

Back to the weight loss.

How I stand and move feels different. My blood glucose numbers are generally below 110. I haven’t seen anything at or above 120 in a long time.

As my Snickers Diet, where I can eat up to 3 Fun Size Snickers per day, I haven’t had one in at least a few weeks. They’re in the cupboard, in a coffee can, and I have absolutely no desire to eat even ONE of them. I could have one if I want, and I don’t really want one, so that’s how things are working.

There’s nothing social about it. This is what I learned first-hand after taking my therapist’s advice to get back on Facebook because it “might be good social practice.”

Nope. There is nothing social about Facebook. It’s pathetic.

I wrote recently about a person going off on me not too long ago. Outside of that, I’ve not had anything happen, so it has been benign and sometimes pleasant or very mildly entertaining. I’d rather be writing here, or on my new book, than being on there or doing anything on there.

I haven’t written in my book in over a week, so I may do that after this.

I may not have too much to write about this in the future, as I seeminly have better things going on.

These are positive times, but also very challenging times.

For example, I still have some difficulty getting Dr. Tibo Bat to be compliant with me in regard to his photographs. He’s got an Instagram to fill out, for heaven’s sake! @tibobat_mco

But when he thinks that I’m taking a picture, he will turn his back. I was holding the other day and he looked cute, so I tried to take a selfie with him. His expression changed, and he couldn’t turn his back, so he just got a really grumpy look about him. He wasn’t having any of it!

Dr. Tibo Bat: The camera is the enemy!

I still have many of the same challenges, and some are still daunting. But they do look a little bit smaller when I’m feeling better about myself and life in general.

I have close to 100 pounds of jeans and slacks that I will be donating in the near future, as well as lots of shirts and coats that no longer fit. There are groups that have really inexpensive used clothes. Since I live in the self-declared “greatest country in the world,” the used clothes should be relatively decent, methinks.

We’re also in that time of year when my website renewal is coming up. With all of this and the holidays, if you are able, please do consider donating to my PayPal link below. Thank you for reading, and I hope that you are having some success with reaching your own goals as well.

If you like what I write, then please consider sending a one-time donation to me via PayPal. Please use the following link and click SEND to donate, and thank you for reading!


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