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No More Facebook or Instagram

Nothing like a spoiler in the title, but there really isn’t a decent way to do this that isn’t click-bait. Besides, no time for BS, LET’S GOOOOOOO!!!

My previous connection and history with Facebook was not really anything positive or entertaining.

It went bad in the past for a number of reasons for me. I had actual expectations that it would be a social network. Because it’s not a social network, but it calls itself one, I would have struggles in my head about what this was for and WHY I would use it.

I once deleted my account in mid-2014. When I tried to return in mid-2019 — FIVE YEARS LATER!! — I was forced to reactivate the old account. So they are fking LIARS when they tell you it will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

Since then, I’ve created and deleted a handful of new accounts, after haivng issues and struggles.

It all started when I was scrolling through the newsfeed, when I saw a meme:

As you can guess, OF COURSE my problem with things like Thanksgiving is that it tries to dress up a situation where a group of people showed up, decided they wanted the land, and then they killed the indigenous people [genocide] and TOOK IT [theft], and they did so with the justification that “god said we could.”

This is a horrific practice known as Christian Dominionism. It’s the weird suggestion that white European Christians make to suggest that god only wants them and god only cares about them.

This is why I DEMAND that they prove their god exists. I want their god to tell ME that they’re supposed to be in charge, and I refuse to roll over and lay down so that “Christians” can be comfortable.

So I decided to leave a sarcastic comment in agreement with the sentiment.

In case you can’t tell, the screen shot presents another part of the problem. That is, their SYSTEM — which cannot identify sarcasm — decided that I am to be locked out of Facebook for 24 hours.

It happened one other time, where something I wrote got me a strike. It didn’t lock me out of my account for 24 hours, so I probably didn’t make a big deal about it. I may have written about it here, but I’m not motivated enough to go looking for it.

But this is what my account looks like now on my phone.

Both restrictions were a result of misunderstood comments. Thanks, FB.

It’s frustrating because I wasn’t spreading any hatred, lies, or conspiracies, and my sarcasm was calling our the racist hypocrisy of Christians and Christianity.

That’s an interesting non-problem for me to have. My mornings involve doing things around the apartment, writing in my new book, writing here, writing and/or recording music, and listening to things on YouTube that serve to enrich my life.

I also spend time doing things that are not online.

Today’s FB jail sentence, however, caught me completely off-guard. I had no plans to write here or in my book. I don’t have any tracks to work on this morning. I didn’t need to run to the store or take on any other errands.

So my plan was to scroll the through FB newsfeed and maybe “interact” with my “friends.” These plans were thwarted by FB and their inability to understand sarcasm. So I found some other things to do.

I started by deleting my Instagram account. Not deactivate, but completely deleted. I was posting photos of Tibo Bat. It was mainly for fun. But I can’t use Facebook [Instagram is a FB company] to engage in “fun,” when I have nothing but ugly, bad, negative feelings about the company.

So my Instagram account is gone. According to the email, it will be deleted on December 16, 2022. They say that before then, I can log back in and stop the deletion. Knowing these liars, I am willing to bet that I could log back in five years later and it will still be there.

I have good reason to believe that, too. It’s called “experience.”

Once Instagram was deleted, I figured that I had some more time to fill before it was time to get rolling on other things the day demands of me. So I went through Facebook and deleted every comment I had ever left.

After that, I deleted every video I posted.

Then I deleted every image I’d ever uploaded, except for one.

But I still had some free time, so I deleted everything I had ever posted on my entire timeline.

I do have 23 more hours left in FB jail. So I’ll have to wait until THAT is lifted before I can finish my work.

Here’s what I still need to do:

  1. Delete all relevant apps: Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are all gone, so this was already done.
  2. Change my bio info: I never filled out my bio, with information about where I live, work, family connections, etc. But I did add a link to Tibo Bat’s Instagram page, so I need to delete that. I had added a link to, and will leave that there. I cannot make any changes to my bio or profile until after the ban is lifted.
  3. Check for “stragglers”: While I suspect I have deleted everything, it’s possible that a few things get missed. I’ll skim through for that.
  4. POST AN UPDATE THAT I AM GONE: The update will note that I am NOT deleting my profile, but also that I will not be using it. I will encourage them to contact me via my official website instead of any method on FB. This means that nobody will contact me, as I get almost no messages on Messenger as it is. Facebook isn’t really all that social.
  5. Stay gone: I will log out, and not log back in. That’s it.

I’m leaving the profile there so that I can be found, but also as a type of placeholder. I don’t want someone else pretending to be me on FB. That never ends well.

So the profile stays.

During my time back on FB, I have made some general observations. As I’ve noted before, there is nothing social about Facebook. It’s where you throw your life up on a feed, and wait for “friends” to comment on it. Most of these “friends” can’t be bothered to write a basic message or interact in any way. And too many are comfortable with engaging in harsh disagreements our outright attacks.

I did get caught up with a few people on there. Beyond that, it really wasn’t worth too much of it.

I did have some positive experiences in sharing my weight loss adventure. But I don’t really need to put that on there. Sure, it’s nice to hear that some people are happy for me about it. That’s fine. Getting kudos from someone who is actually close with me is by far more meaningful than all of that put together.

It’s like getting one of those penny tokens at a zoo or carnival. This is where you put 4 quarters into a slot, then one penny into a slot, and the machine flattens the penny into a flat, oblong thing that is imprinted with the company logo.

It’s neat and fun in the moment, but it becomes way less after a day or two.

I don’t need to put it here, either, but I do because I have real friends who read this and they actually care about what is going on.

It could be the positivity that I’ve been experiencing lately, but I feel like this time I’m leaving Facebook on healthy terms, and doing so in a better way by not deleting the profile and letting everyone know what happens. Since I have 113 “friends,” I suspect that 3-4 of them will actually read it.

Some will comment without understanding that I won’t see their comment, even though I will flat-out tell them in plain English that I WILL NOT SEE YOUR COMMENT ON MY POST HERE.

Reading is not the strongest suit of many of my “friends.” They’re Americans, they can’t help it. Stupidity and illiteracy is encouraged.

But I’ve been busy working on new music for Noodle Muffin, as well as some things for myself.

And my weight loss is going great! My weight recently hit a patriotic level… hehe

1976 was the American Bicentennial.

Of course, at this point I got the long-awaited problem of none of my clothes fitting. So I went and got some new threads to wear. Before I show those, here’s a photo my mother sent, to drive home my actual weight loss achievement.

This could be either Thanksgiving or Christmas 2018, when I weighed approximately 265 pounds. Mom was always concerned about the big roll around my gut, as it increases the chances of heart attack and other illnesses. My depression was out of control, and I wore slip-on shoes constantly.

Today, I have some new clothes that actually fit. It got a little bit pricey, because getting a new wardrobe can do this. So if you are able, and wish to help, please considering a few dollars to my PayPal link below, so that I may replace my fat-guy wardrobe.

I will leave you with some of my recent weight loss photos, with some showing the new clothes. I have two pair of jeans, two t-shirts, 6 pair of underwear, and 6 pair of socks, so I’m on my way to a new wardrobe.

Thank you for reading!

If you like what I write, then please consider sending a one-time donation to me via PayPal. Please use the following link and click SEND to donate, and thank you for reading!


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One thought on “No More Facebook or Instagram

  1. Nice new threads. You’re looking great, no kidding. I have to admit though, that the Rolling Stones tee is awesome! Meanwhile, a very wise young man once said that there was nothing social about “social networking.” He was absolutely correct 💯

    Liked by 1 person

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