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Exercising Self-Control

This morning, after roughly 3 days, I logged back in to Facebook for three whole minutes.

I had one friend request, was tagged in a post about cats “talking,” and one friend had uploaded about 12 images, two of which I cared about.

There were a handful of comments on my last photo, so I let them know I appreciated their suport with “likes” on their comments.

I then updated my profile image with an update:

So ya… thought ya… might like to… go to the show…

Not interacting and not attempting to be social on here has been a good thing. Further evidence that there is nothing social about this flaming turd called FB.

It is also better to stop in maybe a few times per week, tops.

Nice to not have the apps on my phone anymore.

The quest continues…

The reason why I post about this here is so that I can have accountability. It would be wrong to write the things that I do, and then be on FB all day anyway.

Just like with my old Fun Sized Snickers, I went in, had one, and got out. I felt no compulsion to sit there all day long.

I’m writing this very briefly brefore I run errands. It is 27F out right now. Was hoping for it to get up to at least 30F, but it’s time.

My writings in the future might be more brief and more frequent, but I will still write long-form pieces on occasion. I appreciate everyone here who reads this, who shows support, and who is up and bumping around the world today. I appreciate that you are here.

It really is time for me to accept this reality; the fact that I am the most dangerous animal to ever walk the surface of any planet in our solar system, and Facebook is merely a turd.

I am better than Facebook. So are you. It doesn’t run my life, just as Fun Size Snickers don’t run my waistline. I’m in charge of myself. I call the shots.

My MDD had always gotten in the way of this. Now that I can see it, I need to find a way to keep the MDD at check, to the side, out of the way.

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