Short: When Power is Sold

As an American citizen, I can tell you that ALL of our politicians — both Democrat and Republican — are SO bought-and-paid-for that they fart exact change. As a result, we get a performance or type of entertainment, where the Republicans want to destroy the country and install a Fascist dictator, and the Democrats pretendContinue reading “Short: When Power is Sold”

When It’s No Longer Fun

INTRODUCTIONMusic was my first love, going all the way back to when I was 18 months old, sitting in and watching jam sessions with my uncle’s band, The Sounder, as they blasted loudly through my grandparent’s old Indiana farmhouse. I wore headphones to protect my ears and would sit on my own chair behind theContinue reading “When It’s No Longer Fun”

On Feeling Important

INTRODUCTIONI was watching a YouTube video that was a collection of TikTok shorts, where women talk about how awesome they are, and how they no longer need men. Their words were one thing, but their delivery was very peculiar. Their delivery, facial expressions, and posture told a different story of smug arrogance and a highContinue reading “On Feeling Important”

A Grocery Shopping Challenge

The grocery stores typically get filled up by around noon. For this reason, I’ll typically go at 6:00am, with an exception being made for when the pharmacy opens at 9:00am. Being Autistic, and taking the public health crisis seriously, my goal is to go where there are the least amount of people. Things have changedContinue reading “A Grocery Shopping Challenge”

Jackalopes and Seething Hatred

INTRODUCTIONQ: Why was the young man excited about his job at the gas station? A: Because he loved the idea of getting paid to “pump Ethyl” all day. This dad joke was brought to you partially by my late father, and partially by me typing it. Growing up in Indiana, we always had our gasContinue reading “Jackalopes and Seething Hatred”

Hoovering: The Narcissist’s 4th Phase

INTRODUCTIONIn the past, I have written about three primary phases of a relationship with a Narcissist. To review: Love-Bombing: The Narcissist tells you how wonderful and fantastic you are. Devalue: The Narcissist declare that you cannot do anything right. Discard: When they believe they are done getting their Narcissistic supply from you, they throw youContinue reading “Hoovering: The Narcissist’s 4th Phase”

The Need to “Go Somewhere”

INTRODUCTIONOne has not truly lived until a person they’re dating turns to them one day and says that they are concerned that they don’t know where things are going. It’s got to “go somewhere,” they say. Today, I’d like to explore that idea. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN FIVE YEARS?When I used to haveContinue reading “The Need to “Go Somewhere””

RIP Shure SRH440 Pro Studio Headphones

The year was 1992, and I had decided that I was in the market for a cassette 4-track multi-tracking recorder. So I went to West LA Music [RIP] and was hanging out in the Pro Audio department. A salesman in that department was helping Paula Abdul with her home studio. She bought the Yamaha MT120S.Continue reading “RIP Shure SRH440 Pro Studio Headphones”

A Big Sign of Healing

This entry isn’t going to have sections, and it could be brief. After sitting down to write, I remembered that I had some draft writings saved. So I went to check those out, and there were FOUR recently written drafts. They were very long and included some anecdotes to serve as warnings of situations whereContinue reading “A Big Sign of Healing”

Autism: The Myths, the Good, and the Bad of a Late Adult Diagnosis

INTRODUCTIONIn late 2017, just before my 53rd birthday, I got tested and received my diagnosis of Level 1 Autism, formerly known as High-Functioning Autism, formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome. I can’t say why they got rid of the Asperger’s label. As for “High-Functioning,” that label is going away partially because it’s ableist. But it’s alsoContinue reading “Autism: The Myths, the Good, and the Bad of a Late Adult Diagnosis”

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