Risk and Reward… or Punishment

INTRODUCTION“If you would have taken a big risk and worked really hard, then you would have gotten somewhere if you were really any good.” Someone actually told me this, to my face, when we were talking about the difficulties of getting into the “music business.” It felt as if they hadn’t listened to ONE thingContinue reading “Risk and Reward… or Punishment”

My Problem With Today’s Social Networking

The laptop will be here tomorrow, but I wanted to write about this today, so here we are! INTRODUCTION Facebook has always confounded and annoyed me. What really has bothered me most is why I can never get it to work. It’s not like I’m some kind of n00b. I got on AOL the dayContinue reading “My Problem With Today’s Social Networking”

The Aggressive Quest for Peace

Yes, I decided to attempt a long form entry on my phone. Let’s see how this ends up. INTRODUCTION There are many things that get in the way of peace. For some, there are more obstacles than there are for others. As an Autistic adult, my Autism can get in the way. My Autism alsoContinue reading “The Aggressive Quest for Peace”

Hi, How Are You?

INTRODUCTIONWhen I wake up in the morning, sometimes I’ll read through articles on my phone, in the Google news aggregator. Of course, there are stories from the day, as well as articles about mental health. There are even advice columns, such as the old-school Dear Abby, and the relatively new and similar Dear Annie. InContinue reading “Hi, How Are You?”

Morons in Power

This Wednesday 4/11/22 will be the sixth anniversary of my being NOT gainfully employed. I’ve had a few crap jobs here and there, but nothing substantial. One day, a good friend tried to help me by setting up an interview with his boss. I am grateful for his attempt, and he is probably reading this.Continue reading “Morons in Power”

Tales From the Sorority

INTRODUCTIONWhen I first got to college in the fall of 1983, it was initially a very foreign experience. I was far away from home for the first time, and learned about how not fitting in gets extended beyond schools hours, into a 24/7 experience. It would be another 34 years before I would get myContinue reading “Tales From the Sorority”

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