The Price of Autism and Major Depressive Disorder

So many experts seem to get certain things wrong. I was reminded of this when watching a video that someone sent me. It was Jordan Peterson giving a lecture to a class. He said something that caught my attention. “The thing about depressed people is that they are depressed about everything.” This is close, butContinue reading “The Price of Autism and Major Depressive Disorder”

The Babbling Brook

INTRODUCTIONThis story goes all the way back to sixth grade. Actually, it may go back even further, although I can fill that in with one sentence. When I was in first grade, I wanted to be a drummer, but my family could not afford to buy drums, so my only option was to play myContinue reading “The Babbling Brook”

Music: Isolation and Socializing

Music has been my best friend for my entire life. It all started with my fascination about what was going on when my uncle’s band, The Sounder, was rehearsing at my grandmother’s house. I would sit behind the drummer and watch while wearing headphones. When the band took a break, I would go outdoors andContinue reading “Music: Isolation and Socializing”

My Naive View of the Truth

As a little child, I was told that I should always tell the truth, without exception. Always. This did not work out well for me, mostly because 1) you don’t tell this to an Autistic child, and 2) I did not know that I was Autistic until I was 57 years old. So I wentContinue reading “My Naive View of the Truth”

Blocked by Formal Education

Once it became obvious that my teachers were of inferior intellect, I became an autodidact with a mentor who lacked experience. THE END OF HIGH SCHOOLIn 1982, my senior year had just begun in high school. The impetus for me to put forth anything resembling effort was almost non-existent. But there was ONE thing thatContinue reading “Blocked by Formal Education”

To Post Or Not: Personal Stories

Today’s entry will be about adult High-Functioning Autism, the music industry, storytelling, and asking YOU the question of whether or not some stories should ever be told.++++ HI. I’M AN OLD AUTISTIC GUYI’m 56 years old and received my formal professional diagnosis of High-Functioning Autism just three years ago. It is said that “early detectionContinue reading “To Post Or Not: Personal Stories”

The Group Project and Destructive Behavior

My second year of college was in 1984/85. After becoming disillusioned with a Percussion Arts degree, I changed my focus to T-Comm. That is, Telecommunications, or radio and television. I lost confidence in my Percussion Arts degree because my main professor, Richard Paul, who was my drum teacher since 8th grade, was not showing upContinue reading “The Group Project and Destructive Behavior”

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