Music and My Failed Prediction

Since I was a teenager, I would look at the world around me and make predictions. My predictions were not psychic acts, or a product of mental mysticism. It was just a case of looking at something and telling where it was going. I predicted many things over the course of my life that endedContinue reading “Music and My Failed Prediction”

Every Woman is Laura Palmer

Or How Autistic Men Can Protect Themselves from Female Manipulation INTRDUCTIONAnyone who has been reading my entries for a while may have noticed that I have a framed photo of Laura Palmer on my desk. No, it’s not because I have a thing for Ms. Palmer. It’s there as a casual Easter egg of sorts.Continue reading “Every Woman is Laura Palmer”

Finding the Positive Within the Negative, Reacting, and Responding

In school, you are first taught a lesson and then tested. But in life, you are tested first, and THEN taught a lesson. INTRODUCTIONI have read that it takes FIVE positive thoughts or incidents to offset only ONE that is negative. Our brains have a bias toward the negative. I don’t know why, but suspectContinue reading “Finding the Positive Within the Negative, Reacting, and Responding”

Hairless Apes, Empty Restaurants, and Swinging Vines

HAIRLESS APES HATE EMPTY RESTAURANTSThey really do. The idea that “nobody wants to eat in an empty restaurant” suggests that people are less likely to do something if they don’t see others doing it. Many people do things to remedy this situation. Most of the time, this involves paying other people [typically actors] to showContinue reading “Hairless Apes, Empty Restaurants, and Swinging Vines”

How to Spot a Real Friend

INTRODUCTIONI have written many times about the topic of friends. I have at least one piece on friends from the old days who turned out to not really be my friends at all. As I said about that, I could have gone to my grave believing that these people were once my friends. Thanks, Facebook!Continue reading “How to Spot a Real Friend”

Positivity vs. Honesty

ME: We’re fucked.THEM: You should try being more positive.ME: Okay. I am positive that we are fucked. As an Autistic person, I’ve always struggled with the concept of positivity, when faced with a negative reality that forces honesty. This is difficult to describe, so I’ll give you two examples. 1 OF 2: AN ADULT WHOContinue reading “Positivity vs. Honesty”

Wellbutrin Writings

It’s a relatively cool Sunday morning in Oregon. The sun is up, Tibo Bat is on the patio with the birds, and I’m thinking about how Wellbutrin has impacted my life over the past two months. CONCERNS ABOUT PSYCHIATRIC MEDSThere is a great deal of stigma attached to taking these types of medications, which isContinue reading “Wellbutrin Writings”

Are Scam Victims Stupid?

MY IGNORANT BIASWhen I was a young adult, I would read about various scams and see news stories where they interview scam victims. At the time, I had several biases and believed some strange things. One of those is the idea that people who fall for scams must be really stupid. Very, very stupid. SoContinue reading “Are Scam Victims Stupid?”

Myths and Mistakes

INTRODUCTIONThere was a time in 2017 when I felt so stupid that I went and got properly tested by a professional. Long story short, I was found to have Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as Autistic Tendencies, and I was found to have an exceptional IQ. The Autism piece of this will be obvious. However,Continue reading “Myths and Mistakes”

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