Why Old People Get So Mean and Angry

INTRODUCTIONMy recent return to Facebook and my quiet observation of friends who are around my age got me thinking about why so many old people get so mean and angry. To be clear, the people with whom I am connected are not mean or angry, but they have friends who are, so I get toContinue reading “Why Old People Get So Mean and Angry”

That Time I Broke My Nose

INTRODUCTIONLots of guys like to brag about how something in particular is big in size. Today’s topic, however, is about something else that doesn’t get bragged about with regard to size. I have a huge nose. There is no getting around it. Literally, we’ve tried traffic signs and everything. Yes, I’m exaggerating to make aContinue reading “That Time I Broke My Nose”

The Twilight Zone Cashier

I went to do my morning shopping after my post earlier this morning. I typically go in the early mornings to avoid crowds, and to get in-and-out of the store as quickly as possible. COVID mask restrictions have been lifted, but I still wear a mask, and I am still highly motivated to get outContinue reading “The Twilight Zone Cashier”

Between Worlds

When I was young, through the 70s and part of the 80s, the world was relatively simple to digest. America was a world leader, at least according to other more experienced adults around me. The USSR was America’s enemy, as godless Commie heathens. And everybody loved the guitar solo in a song. Today, we’re somewhereContinue reading “Between Worlds”

Risk and Reward… or Punishment

INTRODUCTION“If you would have taken a big risk and worked really hard, then you would have gotten somewhere if you were really any good.” Someone actually told me this, to my face, when we were talking about the difficulties of getting into the “music business.” It felt as if they hadn’t listened to ONE thingContinue reading “Risk and Reward… or Punishment”

The Aggressive Quest for Peace

Yes, I decided to attempt a long form entry on my phone. Let’s see how this ends up. INTRODUCTION There are many things that get in the way of peace. For some, there are more obstacles than there are for others. As an Autistic adult, my Autism can get in the way. My Autism alsoContinue reading “The Aggressive Quest for Peace”

Hi, How Are You?

INTRODUCTIONWhen I wake up in the morning, sometimes I’ll read through articles on my phone, in the Google news aggregator. Of course, there are stories from the day, as well as articles about mental health. There are even advice columns, such as the old-school Dear Abby, and the relatively new and similar Dear Annie. InContinue reading “Hi, How Are You?”

Morons in Power

This Wednesday 4/11/22 will be the sixth anniversary of my being NOT gainfully employed. I’ve had a few crap jobs here and there, but nothing substantial. One day, a good friend tried to help me by setting up an interview with his boss. I am grateful for his attempt, and he is probably reading this.Continue reading “Morons in Power”

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