Update: Intro 2021 / I Want You 2021 Recording

I just finished rendering a draft WAV for Intro 2021, and sent it off to a trusted musician friend for review, critique, and ideas. My initial thoughts are that I’m somewhat pleased by how it turned out. I think it needs some proper mixing, which will take some time. The piece got slowed down toContinue reading “Update: Intro 2021 / I Want You 2021 Recording”

A Very Personal Argument in Favor of Music on Physical Media

LET’S SET THE MOODIt’s pre-Spring 1984 in the Midwest; still cold, snowy, and within blizzard season. I’m almost wrapping up my first year of college. This girl in the dorms liked me, but it really wasn’t mutual. She chased me around for a while. Later in the year, she introduced me to her sister, andContinue reading “A Very Personal Argument in Favor of Music on Physical Media”

Digital Recording and Avoiding Perfection

NOTE: If you are NOT a musician, then fear not! I have you covered with a video that shows what I am talking about. Back in the early 2000s, I was recording a track with Noodle Muffin. This track was one where I played multiple instruments, including drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and a few others.Continue reading “Digital Recording and Avoiding Perfection”

“I Want You 2021” Song Log #02: An Update

This morning’s work was positive. Got the Intro segment on guitar worked out 100%. The next step with this is rehearsal, to get the best performance possible. Production Notes have also gotten started. You can see the screenshot below of the Excel spreadsheet. There are some changes with regard to things that will impact theContinue reading ““I Want You 2021” Song Log #02: An Update”

“I Want You 2021” Song Log #01: Getting Started

INTRODUCTIONMy previous two entries were about a song that I co-wrote and recorded in the summer of 1985, titled “I Want You.” To me, listening with 2021 ears, the song is a rough draft that got written off. We were relatively young people back then. Scott, the drummer and singer, initially wrote it off becauseContinue reading ““I Want You 2021” Song Log #01: Getting Started”

Why Write About That Song?

In yesterday’s entry, I wrote about an old song I had recorded with a friend in a DIY setting in 1985. I even uploaded the song, which is in draft mode. It’s not what would be considered “demo” status, and definitely not “radio-ready.” So why share the song? Why write about it? Why put itContinue reading “Why Write About That Song?”

DIY Home Studio Recording in 1985

INTRODUCTIONBefore we get to 1985, I need to take us back to 1980, when I first got started with recording. We’ll have two stops: The first is a pro recording studio in town, where I got started. The second is a DIY [Do It Yourself] situation in college. The third and final act is theContinue reading “DIY Home Studio Recording in 1985”

The Goal of a Musician

INTRODUCTIONToday’s brief entry was inspired by an old interview with ZZ Top. While I’m not clear on the questions leading up to this, it appears that the interviewer wants them to say that they WOULD play a gig with The Hell’s Angels present. With this question, had they answered, the interviewer could then make unfoundedContinue reading “The Goal of a Musician”

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