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October 17, 2022: Tracking multiple instruments on new tracks for Noodle Muffin, and other projects.

UPDATE – November 30, 2022: Blog entry on my weight loss and general mental and physical health. I’ve lost 75 pounds, and have 10 to go!

Currently, I have pretty much completed six drum tracks, five of which are for future Noodle Muffin efforts. I have another track in the works, as well as two other tracks that have drums, bass, and synth added.

Live shows have been a thing of the past for Noodle Muffin, but the music lives on. I plan on branching out to other projects in the near future, including some possible live performance situations. Stay tuned, and thanks for being here.

A potential new banner, to represent the changing times.

Welcome to I have owned this domain and website since 1999. It started out as a way to get gigs, and has evolved into a repository for my recordings, videos, images, and words.

For those who may not understand the ambiguous WordPress links above, you can use these links to get to my YouTube, SoundCloud, and my WordPress Blog.

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Spring 1966

Early Education: My early life involved study in trumpet, even though I clearly had a stronger interest in drums.

I studied drums with John W. McMahon in grade school, then moved on to study at Paul-Mueller Studios in Indianapolis with Richard Paul.

While I formally studied drums, I became self-taught on guitar, bass, and keyboards. I also studied Percussion Arts for two years at Ball State University, before getting invited to move to California in 1986.

On the quads in marching band [1981]

During the high school years, I was involved in marching band, theater band, jazz band, pep band, and any other band. I was a leader of the drum line in marching band. I had won several solo and duet competitions in ISSMA.

In 1983, I was chosen to be the Drumline Leader in the first-ever Cincinnati Reds High School Honors Band. From 1983-85, I got involved with the music scene at Ball State University, and was bassist for The Beertonez during the 1984-85 school year. This was on top of my studies in Percussion Arts, upright bass, piano, marimba, and other music-related courses.

On keyboards with Robin Baxter at Club 88 in Santa Monica [late 1986]

Los Angeles: From 1986 to 2019, I was the go-to musician for drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, and songwriting and arrangement abilities. I worked with Indie and unsigned artists.

I got started in Los Angeles with a singer named Robin Baxter, who took me in and gave me my start in LA. She also connected me with my mentor, the late Ted Ashford, keyboard player for Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company.

Ruby Cassidy [Mystika] and Jimmy Hunter 1997

Before the inception of the website in 1999, I played a variety of instruments in various projects, and was the songwriter, arranger, and rhythm guitarist for singer Ruby Cassidy, aka Mystika, for the album The Mystic Dancer.

Click HERE to listen to the entire album on SoundCloud, or HERE to listen to the best track [my opinion] with video from our first writing session.

I also wrote the music and contributed to the story for a play entitled “In The Chips,” written by Angus “Mac” MacDonald. This was in 1987. The play had a brief run at The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and would later receive a Public Access television production, as well as performances in small theaters. As I write this in late 2020, the play is still being produced.

In 1998, I was dubbed “DrumWild” by Hollywood music producer, drummer, songwriter Jimmy Hunter, owner of CAZADOR in Hollywood. The name has stuck ever since.

After founding the website in 1999, I worked in a variety of projects. Notably, Sun On Skin, SECRET, WHIPLADS, Falling Moon, Karma McCartney, Casanova Jones, The Andrea Ballard Band, Delta9, Black Hole Bindhi [Ekun Logan Grusso], The Average Joes, The Wrong Dots [Robbie Rist], Fred Willard, and Noodle Muffin. I have been involved with the LA bandNoodle Muffin since 2002.

Drumming in 1977 and 2019

A Change of Pace: In 2019, I decided to start the next chapter of my life by moving to Dallas, Oregon for a change of pace. Here, I have engaged in various performances in town. I have also begun writing music and philosophy-themed blog entries.

My future goals, to put it simply, involve less music industry and more $$$ and fun.

2020 was the year that I took off from just about everything, so I’m starting 2021 a bit early, in a more fresh manner.

Performing at The Whisky on The Sunset Strip, Hollywood [2009]

I can be contacted via email at drumwild at gmail dot com. I encourage you to write if you are interested in beginner music lessons via video [drums, guitar, bass, keyboard], or if you are a musician near the Salem, Oregon area who is interested in making music [post-pandemic, of course].

Thank you for visiting!

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