More About My Book, The PDF

Download the e-book today: The PDF: A guaranteed plan on how to “make it” as a STAR in the music industry in 6-8 weeks!

One of my absolute favorite books about the music industry is called “The Manual” by none other than The KLF. It’s a cynical view of the music industry from their perspective in 1988.

The music industry has changed a great deal since 1988. Some of their funny advice still remains true [i.e., don’t practice your instruments]. But other funny advice does not age well [i.e., use your friend’s house phone for your important calls, so they can say they knew you when.]

I love this book. Knowing that The KLF will probably never update the book, I decided to take it upon myself to do just that!

My version of the book includes things like having an online presence as an influencer.

While their book was about how to have a hit record, my book changes the focus to being a “star.” These days, having a hit is nothing compared to being popular online.

The book sells for $1 on Amazon, and the link is above. It’s a short, fun read that might inspire you to look up The Manual.

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