My Religious History

In my last piece, someone actually accused me of being a Christian. How could this happen, and why? I have may ideas. Most people are lacking in the skill of critical thought. Others do not understand nuance. One could suggest that the written word leaves out certain details. People also bring their own bias toContinue reading “My Religious History”

A Christian Man’s Superiority

INTRODUCTIONToday’s entry is inspired by this story, about a Christian man living in Texas, who burned down a house with people living in it, because they determined that they did not follow the bible. What the headline misses is that the person he killed in the burning house was his brother, and the other personContinue reading “A Christian Man’s Superiority”

The One Time I Was Invited to Church

DISCLAIMER: I have some friends from the Midwest who are good people, and happen to be Christian. Since I might be posting a link to this to Facebook, it would stand to reason that some of them might end up reading this. If you’re a friend from the Midwest who happens to be Christian, andContinue reading “The One Time I Was Invited to Church”

Early Saturday Thoughts

This morning, I woke up thinking about Bill Spooner, The Tubes, and what might be the most harmonically sophisticated power ballad of the 80s, “Don’t Want to Wait Anymore.” The lyrics in the verses are a bit hokey, but it is a power ballad. I’m typically not a fan, but I make an exception forContinue reading “Early Saturday Thoughts”

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