Update: AT&T is Filth

INTRODUCTIONA few days ago I wrote a piece about how AT&T is Filth, detailing issues that I’ve had with the company in the past, as well as my current issue with them, revolving around their support of OAN News. I’ve been a T-Mobile customer in the past a few times. There has typically been somethingContinue reading “Update: AT&T is Filth”

AT&T is Filth

Anyone who has been reading the news knows that AT&T has been funcing One America News [OAN] Network. This is a corrupt Right-wing network that spreads lies about COVID and makes dangerous statements to move uneducated, angry Republican voters into action. This seems to be financed primarily through DirecTV, a subsidiary of AT&T. I currentlyContinue reading “AT&T is Filth”

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