Emergency Dental, Commodore 64, and an Ex-Girlfriend

EMERGENCY DENTALI have an early afternoon emergency dental appointment to deal with some pain in my lower left back molar. When this type of pain shows up, the last thing you want to do is the idiot dance that occurs when you’re dealing with making a dental appointment. They make these appointments THREE MONTHS OUT!Continue reading “Emergency Dental, Commodore 64, and an Ex-Girlfriend”

Donkey Kong on the Commodore 64

One of the hobbies that I enjoy involves reviving, maintaining, and using old computers. For the past decade, I have been focusing on a Commodore 64 from 1984. I got this from an old woman who said it belonged to her husband. As I went through the floppy disks, I figured out that he wasContinue reading “Donkey Kong on the Commodore 64”

Commodore 64 Maintenance

I gave my Commodore 64 its annual cleaning and took some pictures this time. The first thing to do is pop open the case. This can be unnerving, as the back is held on with some plastic hooks. The front has 3 screws. Remove those and then carefully pop it apart. Open from the bottom,Continue reading “Commodore 64 Maintenance”

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