A Christian Man’s Superiority

INTRODUCTIONToday’s entry is inspired by this story, about a Christian man living in Texas, who burned down a house with people living in it, because they determined that they did not follow the bible. What the headline misses is that the person he killed in the burning house was his brother, and the other personContinue reading “A Christian Man’s Superiority”

Flicker: God is a Woman

This story is true. INTRODUCTIONBack in the 1970s, the world was a different place. I wasn’t yet fully interested in girls, and did not yet have my drivers license. Video games in the home were new, and computers were a few years away, for those who could afford one. Johnny Carson was on for 90Continue reading “Flicker: God is a Woman”

American Christians Do Not Practice Their Faith Correctly

I decided to write this while the topic was still fresh in my mind. NOTE: If you are a Christian and are easily offended, then I would encourage you to work to put your offense to the side and read this in its entirety, as it might end up being helpful to you. If youContinue reading “American Christians Do Not Practice Their Faith Correctly”

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