Music: Compassion, Humanity, and the Steve Harwell Situation

INTRODUCTIONOver the past 24 hours, I’ve seen the video of Steve Harwell fronting Smash Mouth at a performance, where he is very wasted. He curses and threatens the fans, says horrible things, can’t perform, and even threw in a Nazi salute. For those who are not in the know, you must see this video beforeContinue reading “Music: Compassion, Humanity, and the Steve Harwell Situation”

Dying: You’re Doing It Right Now

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to understand what this IS, and what IS NOT. This is an entry about the process of death, and the acknowledgement of related processes that are not physical or biological. This IS NOT support or encouragement of taking one’s own life. If you are having those types of thoughts andContinue reading “Dying: You’re Doing It Right Now”

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