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Updates: Drumming, Writing, and Cats

INTRODUCTIONIt sure has been quite a while since my last piece on here. Some things have been happening, and I finally have the time and space to share a bit of it. DRUMMING / NOODLE MUFFINMost of my time over the course of this past month was spent drumming on three new songs by NoodleContinue reading “Updates: Drumming, Writing, and Cats”


My Top 3 Strangest Band Quits

Today, I wanted to chronicle my top 3 strangest band quits. Why? Because people seem to like things that have numbers in them. These are in no particular order, although I’m attempting to place the strangest one last. Let’s GOOOOOOO! “SECRET” AND THE EMAIL QUITAbout six months after generating and uploading the first iteration ofContinue reading “My Top 3 Strangest Band Quits”

Becoming a Value-Added Drummer

If you’re a drummer and you are looking to increase your chances at getting the gig, then this post might help you. In fact, some of this will be helpful for other musicians in general. These are details that come into consideration when you’re auditioning for a gig, and the others who auditioned are alsoContinue reading “Becoming a Value-Added Drummer”