I Still Hate Facebook

I still hate it. I still hate it I. Still. Fooking. Hate. It. I realized a while back that there is nothing social about it. But in a moment of highly confident Autism, I decided that I could make it social. My approach to making it social was somewhat simple, at least to me. IContinue reading “I Still Hate Facebook”

Facebook Still Sucks, and an AI Music Video

For those who are regular readers, you know my story. For those who are new, long story short, I quit Facebook back in mid-2014, returned in mid-2019, then quit and re-joined a few more times after that. I most recently got back on maybe two months ago. My struggles with staying on Facebook are many.Continue reading “Facebook Still Sucks, and an AI Music Video”

My Problem With Today’s Social Networking

The laptop will be here tomorrow, but I wanted to write about this today, so here we are! INTRODUCTION Facebook has always confounded and annoyed me. What really has bothered me most is why I can never get it to work. It’s not like I’m some kind of n00b. I got on AOL the dayContinue reading “My Problem With Today’s Social Networking”

Can Social Networking Be Healthy?

INTRODUCTIONThis is a question that crossed my mind a few days ago, more than once. Can social networking be healthy? The answer to this question leads me to another question that might be of equal value. Was social networking ever healthy? MY SOCIAL NETWORKING HISTORYI met my first friend on the AOL chat rooms backContinue reading “Can Social Networking Be Healthy?”

Facebook Manipulation

PREFACESocial networking was truly fun in the 90s. I made my own NEW connections, joined my own groups, and was never in anything resembling an echo chamber. One great example was mIRC. I had joined a group called “Married But Flirting.” Of course, very few people were married, and nobody was flirting. It was namedContinue reading “Facebook Manipulation”

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