UPDATE: My Bumpy Return to Facebook

It started out fine enough. I set up my new profile, blocked all of my trouble-makers from the past, posted a few minor things, and then set out to add friends. My approach was to slowly add the friends who had interacted with me over time. Interacting with them would alert others, which would leadContinue reading “UPDATE: My Bumpy Return to Facebook”

An Autistic Return to Facebook

On Saturday I took the plunge and created a new Facebook account. I could have re-activated the old one, but I am seeking a new experience. Before doing this, I reached out to two trusted sources for opinions on matters like this. They both agreed that it would be “good practice” to get back on.Continue reading “An Autistic Return to Facebook”

Facebook Manipulation

PREFACESocial networking was truly fun in the 90s. I made my own NEW connections, joined my own groups, and was never in anything resembling an echo chamber. One great example was mIRC. I had joined a group called “Married But Flirting.” Of course, very few people were married, and nobody was flirting. It was namedContinue reading “Facebook Manipulation”

Thoughts: “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, Modern Social Networking, and a Brief History

I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix yesterday. What these tech workers said struck a major chord with me, and I think that it is something worthy of discussion. The Netflix DocumentaryIf you have not yet seen this, below is a clip from YouTube. In The Social Dilemma, a variety of Tech workers discuss theirContinue reading “Thoughts: “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, Modern Social Networking, and a Brief History”

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