RIP Tink1272 [Jen]

INTRODUCTION2004 was a strange year for me, in many regards. I was doing fine with my music pursuits, but my job left something to be desired, as I was getting paid mere peanuts to work at the worst website on Earth. It was so bad and obscure that posting the name of the company hereContinue reading “RIP Tink1272 [Jen]”

Connection Criteria

INTRODUCTIONSA part of me wants to avoid human connections at all cost, save for the ones that I have already. They’re not toxic or dangerous. Gaining these friends was no small feat, as it required me to go through a sea of horrific people. On average, I gained one genuine friend every decade. Based onContinue reading “Connection Criteria”

Three Types of People Worth Remembering

INTRODUCTIONThis is something that I’ve been meaning to write for a while. My dilemma on this was whether to start off positive, or to end positive. Ultimately, I’ve decided to start off positive, since those are people deserving of my praise. As for the ending, let it serve as a warning. Let’s GOOOOOOO!!! 1 ofContinue reading “Three Types of People Worth Remembering”

Setting Boundaries on Time Travel

Since at least the early 1990s, I have been engaging in the behavior of time travel. No, not the kind where you get into a machine and use science-based magic to physically go to a specific time in the past. There was no Delorean, and I never got up to 88 mph. WHAT IS “TIMEContinue reading “Setting Boundaries on Time Travel”

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