How to Spot a Real Friend

INTRODUCTIONI have written many times about the topic of friends. I have at least one piece on friends from the old days who turned out to not really be my friends at all. As I said about that, I could have gone to my grave believing that these people were once my friends. Thanks, Facebook!Continue reading “How to Spot a Real Friend”

A Tribute to Old Friends, and How to Make New Friends

It is time for me to have something positive to write about. Today, it’s about those old friends who have hung around for decades, as well as how to potentially find more of those kinds of friends. For the most part, making new friends who turn out to be good friends is a crap shoot.Continue reading “A Tribute to Old Friends, and How to Make New Friends”

Ignoring Red Flags: When Someone Doesn’t Like You

It is unreasonable to expect that everyone will like you. Show me a person, and I’ll show you someone who does not like them. Even Tom Hanks has people who do not like him. In many cases, this is obvious and the solution to this issue is to stay away from them. Easy enough. ButContinue reading “Ignoring Red Flags: When Someone Doesn’t Like You”

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