Wellbutrin Writings

It’s a relatively cool Sunday morning in Oregon. The sun is up, Tibo Bat is on the patio with the birds, and I’m thinking about how Wellbutrin has impacted my life over the past two months. CONCERNS ABOUT PSYCHIATRIC MEDSThere is a great deal of stigma attached to taking these types of medications, which isContinue reading “Wellbutrin Writings”

Depression, Medication, and Creativity

Depression exists on a spectrum. There’s Major Depressive Disorder and a host of other types of depression of lesser values and intensities. I have Major Depressive Disorder, which is one of the heavier types of depression. But, for me, it is even worse. People who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a lifetime rate of depression that is nearlyContinue reading “Depression, Medication, and Creativity”

The Price of Autism and Major Depressive Disorder

So many experts seem to get certain things wrong. I was reminded of this when watching a video that someone sent me. It was Jordan Peterson giving a lecture to a class. He said something that caught my attention. “The thing about depressed people is that they are depressed about everything.” This is close, butContinue reading “The Price of Autism and Major Depressive Disorder”

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