Music Biz: Johnny Bravo Was a Warning

Anyone who was born in the 60s or was a kid in the 70s knows about The Brady Bunch. It was a sitcom about a mixed family, which was controversial at the time. Divorce was an ugly thing to attempt to put on television at that time. This might be why it was so popularContinue reading “Music Biz: Johnny Bravo Was a Warning”

The Purpose of Music

For so long back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a musician. My uncle was a musician, as were other members of my family. The distinction was that they were doing it for personal reasons, but I wanted to work my way into the music industry. Some family members were encouraging. MyContinue reading “The Purpose of Music”

More About My Book, The PDF

Download the e-book today: The PDF: A guaranteed plan on how to “make it” as a STAR in the music industry in 6-8 weeks! One of my absolute favorite books about the music industry is called “The Manual” by none other than The KLF. It’s a cynical view of the music industry from their perspectiveContinue reading “More About My Book, The PDF”

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